Ultrasonography , indications and technique of

Ultrasonography - a modern method of diagnosis of various pathologies of the kidneys and urinary system.Through ultrasound can reveal the structure of the kidney blood vessels and the kidney itself.Now almost every examination of the kidneys begin with ultrasound, and for diagnosis do not need special training.

Preparation for diagnosis

morning before the start of the survey should not be consumed more than 100 ml of liquid or take diuretic medications.If the patient is overweight or increased flatulence, then a couple of days before the survey is necessary to renounce the use of rye bread, raw vegetables and fruits, milk.

special training before the test is not required, but in any case advised to consult a doctor.Before the procedure on the skin smeared with a special gel that allows the transmitter to move easily over the skin.

Indications survey

The main indications of ultrasound include:

  • changes in the urine;
  • pain in the lumbar region;
  • renal colic;
  • frequent jumps in blood pressure;
  • various bruises and other renal injury;
  • assessment of the transplanted organ;
  • detecting the presence of tumors in the kidney;
  • preventive diagnostics to identify the size, structure and position of the kidneys;
  • acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the kidneys.

Conducting surveys of very high frequency ultrasound diagnosis for the implementation of the kidneys used a device called a transducer that sends ultrasound waves so that you can hear them.

If the transmitter is placed in the abdomen at a specific location location, the ultrasonic waves penetrate through the skin and other tissues to the organs.

bodies reflect the sound waves on the principle of echo, and wave back into the converter, which receives them, converting to turn to the electronic organ image.

Various human tissues have different speeds transmitting ultrasonic waves.The fastest transmission rate observed during the passage of the waves through the bone, and the slowest speed - when passing through air.Before the diagnosis to the patient's skin in the survey applied a special gel that improves the movement of the transducer, as well as get rid of the air between the skin and the device.

Ultrasound examination of the kidneys can be implemented on an outpatient basis or while the patient is in the hospital.The procedure varies depending on the doctor's recommendations.

This method of diagnosis does not cause pain, during the examination the patient must lie still, you may be a little discomfort, as the gel moist and cool.Whenever possible, the process will be as comfortable and takes a bit of time to reduce the uncomfortable sensations.

need to comply with special rules after the ultrasound diagnosis is not available.The patient is allowed to resume the usual food for him, if the doctor has given permission to do so.Also, your doctor may give additional advice for each situation.


survey is not required for the use of radiation of ultrasound, there are no negative effects in the areas of contact of the skin and the sensor.But sometimes it appears some risks, depending on the individual situation, requiring prior consultation with the doctor.

to the state, causing difficulty of ultrasound include:

  1. presence of barium in the gut after the recent organization of diagnostic procedures with barium;
  2. presence of gas in the intestines;
  3. pronounced obesity.
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