My child has a dry cough at night

Olga asks:

Good afternoon!Maybe you tell me.The child had a cough for a long time, mostly dry from December, at night to 1 hour duration.In February, he has been given sumamed.Cough was quiet for a week, then all repeats.In practice, during this time we do inhalations with mineral water and sometimes berodualom.In March, passed a swab from the nose for culture.Showed streptococcus, was appointed as amoxicillin.The cough continued.Then he made us assign tests passed.General blood test stool, blood on a chlamydia, mycoplasma and giardia.In general, the analysis of increased soy and ezonofily and roundworm found in the feces.

nemozol drank and was simultaneously appointed bronhomunal.Cough night stopped wheezing remained were a pulmonologist, pulmonologist by visual inspection and from my words shall appoint us Flomax 3 times a day and 1 Pulmicort once daily 0.25 mg 2 Do not thin.I'm shocked, too, a pediatrician, said a very large dose.Laure diagnosed adenoids 3 degrees.At the moment, the pediatrician

says that the child has wheezing are appointed ACC 0.05, 2 reception bronhomunal (where the rate 3) 2 times a day and Pulmicort, which I do not do.The child breathes, in principle, not choking, there are minor wheezing with whistling.I have the impression that I was just a child healed.I forgot to add, at the beginning of May has ENT told to give supraks.And the question is going to bring the child to the sea in Anapa, pulmonologist waved her hands, she said, it is dangerous, Can you tell me something will advise how to proceed?


Olga, discuss the actions of your doctor, I think it is not ethical, but may have healed your baby a little differently.Perhaps because before making final conclusions, it is necessary not just to have on hand all the results of surveys and analyzes, but also to examine the child with their own eyes, to make auscultation (listening to the lungs), and so on. D.

If you have any reasonable doubtscompetence of the pediatrician, consult another specialist.Turn again all analyzes, in particular feces, to make sure that the roundworm there are no post-treatment.According to your description is difficult to say anything specific, but one thing is clear - the cause of wheezing is not identified, and therefore does not give the radical treatment results.

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