Should I see a doctor if torture functional auditory hallucinations

Sergei asks:

Hello, I have 5-6 days of torment functional auditory hallucinations.At first, I thought it is a reality, then the friends said that it seems to me.Then he himself noticed, read the article on the Internet about them, their can with certainty be attributed to functional auditory hallucinations, as they appear only in the background conversations unfamiliar people.As if I accuse, abuse, etc.Social novopassit and try to control them, like better.At the same time I had sleep disturbances, loss of appetite, confusion, poor sosredotachivaemost sometimes disorientation, headache.This was preceded by a long sitting at home without work.Live Alone, few live communication.More than a month did not go for a walk, have depression, disturbed sleep.Tell me, please, this can be a mentally healthy person?What disease can this be?Should I consult a doctor?If there is something to the therapist?Or you can directly to the psychiatrist?I would be very grateful.Thank you very much in advance.


Sergey, therapist will help you a little.This condition - the competence of the psychiatrist or, in an extreme case, a psychologist.The fact that the functional auditory hallucinations - an alarm, he can testify as mental disorders, and on neurological disorders, but if the time to conduct psycho-correction, along with drug therapy, you about this soon just forget.

First of all, you need to clearly ensure that the hallucinations are truly functional in nature, and are not the first sign of schizophrenia.The same symptoms may accompany Alzheimer's disease, but as the disease occurs mainly in older people, and you are looking for a job, then a young man, to talk about it too early.Also, a psychiatrist prescribe the necessary tests in order to rule out brain tumors and vascular diseases.

Since you have neurological disorders (insomnia, headache and others.) On a background of depression, the sooner you go to see a psychiatrist, the more effective the treatment will be.

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