Phobias and fears of people

Fears surround man all his life, starting from birth.Gradually, like a snowball, they grow in number and develop into chronic phobia that can worsen in certain situations, sometimes not giving any logical explanation.Today there are more than 40 thousand. Kinds of phobias, but we will look at seven of the most common.

  • acrophobia - fear of heights.It is well-founded fear of everyone in height.It frightens not the height, and the probability of falling off it.People with this phobia are afraid to even get on the stool, not to mention the conquest of the mountain peaks.Dizziness, impaired coordination and desire to go down quickly with height, pushing the person on the crazy things sometimes, and even suicidal action, though earlier such tendencies were observed.
  • Claustrophobia - fear of enclosed space.Association with a trap from which there is no exit, creates in a person panic and terror, accompanied by a lack of oxygen and suffocating attacks.For claustrophobic spaces include elevators, fitting rooms
    , narrow and tight spaces with no windows, as well as rooms with a large and dense crowding.
  • Glossofobiya - fear of public speaking.Loss of consciousness, dry mouth, urinary incontinence - this is a manifestation of this fear.Panic in front of a lot of looking and listening, together with the inner self-doubt, give rise in the mind stupid thoughts that wind the coil called glossofobiya.
  • Arachnophobia - Fear of spiders.In women, a manifestation of the phobia occurs much more often than the opposite sex.Even a very small and harmless Representative arthropods can cause shock and panic.People with arachnophobia the thought of them causes discomfort and disgust distortion.
  • aerophobia - fear of flying in an airplane.Fear of flying - a factor that prevents people to move freely beyond the borders.Aircraft Safety, as the transport proved, but it is not true calms aerophobia.For them, the aircraft is safe, as long as he's on the ground, but when he began to rise as the hopelessness, the complete loss of contact with the ground, a huge gulf air and the lack of possibility of salvation "with his head covered" flow panic.
  • Niktofobiya - fear of the dark.The fear comes from childhood and not stop pestering adults.Stressful experiences, the influence of others, broadcasting horror films on TV, plus imaginative child is sure to leave its mark, and the beginning of niktofobii.Fear of the dark is unfounded, because the cause of it is in the brain, not in a dark corner of the room, behind the door or under the bed.
  • Necrophobia - fear of the dead or dying.People with this phobia the thought of death, causes a shiver through the body and a panic attack, not to mention the dead man, what he saw in reality.For nektofoba dying matter is human or animal, the smell of death emanating from the body, is the key to it.
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