What is a chocolate addiction and how to get rid of it ?

It is common knowledge that any addiction, such as alcohol and drugs - a rather dangerous disease today.Dangerous is that to get rid of any addiction is difficult.However, not many people know that chocolate addiction is not less dangerous to the human body.There are many different opinions about the dangers and benefits of this product.What is actually true, and how chocolate can cause addiction?

staff at Yale University have decided to conduct an experiment using brain imaging.The result of this experiment revealed the following.When the so-called "chocoholic" saw a chocolate shake, his brain activity increased sharply, after he was allowed to try the drink, brain activity decreased sharply.Consequently, it filed brain signals that it needs chocolate.This behavior is typical for people exposed to alcohol or drug addiction.

What is the reason so stable addiction to this type of candy? The answer is simple: a large number of chemicals found in chocolate.

  • Andanamid - a substance that promotes the pro
    duction of endorphins.
  • By drinking chocolate, the blood gets serotonin substance, which contains theobromine and caffeine, which increases efficiency.However, excessive consumption of caffeine eventually leads to sleep disturbances.Theobromine can affect the metabolism slowing down.
  • Phenylethylamine - a substance that provokes an increase in blood sugar levels, as well as increasing blood pressure in the body.

This is just a small fraction of the substances contained in chocolate, complete their number reaches more than three hundred.Based on the above it can be concluded that excessive use of chocolate can cause anxiety, irritability and nervousness.

Argued that chocolate is a useful product.Many even claim that chocolate promotes weight loss.However, it should be wary of such prejudices.All the beneficial properties that may be contained in chocolate - cocoa merit.As you know by making chocolate from cocoa beans make oil, which is rich in beneficial properties.In the future, this oil should be one ingredient of chocolate.Unfortunately, bean oil is not replaced with palm rarely, therefore, useful properties are lost.

Scientists claim that chocolate dependence appears as due to the content in the composition of specific substances, and because of the type of chocolate bar, and its flavor.Due to the fact that women have more developed senses, they are often subjected to "shokogolizmu".

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