Garlic , green tea , very helpful

If you use green tea, it is very useful for the eyes, takes a variety of diseases of the eye.This was reported by Chinese scientists.They have done a lot of experiments on rats and found that the positive effects on the eyes are catechins, which are in green tea.Some of the most powerful antioxidants include:

  • Vitamin C;
  • Vitamin E;
  • Zeaxanthin;
  • Lutein.

As explained, after a cup of the green tea catechins useful elements come from the stomach to the eye tissue and to protect them from stress, in other words, from cell damage due to oxidative stress.A person who prefers the drink, never faced with glaucoma and other eye diseases popular.It is recommended to drink a liter of tea in the afternoon.

I would also like to remind you that green tea can protect a person from the occurrence of oral cancer.Moreover, the beverage reduces the risk of certain types of blood cancer.

But there were a couple of scientists who are not confident in the performance of anti-cancer green tea.As shown by other studies,

green tea can overcome the cancer of the liver, prostate and breast.But if you drink tea very often, you can get bladder cancer.

There is another fact that dispute.Much more useful to drink beer, vodka or wine, than green tea.Studies have shown that beer and wine in the normal amount of a beneficial effect on bone health.The study was conducted with the help of 1,700 people.As has been found, if every day to make beer or to drink vodka and wine, the bones condition improves.

head of the research team, Professor Tucker found that this relationship between bone status and normal consumption of beer is detected in women.Just old age problems such tissue are relevant.

Those who prefer spirits, had a completely different picture.As said Professor Katherine Tucker, it was revealed the dependence that such spirits in large quantities destroys bone tissue structure.

It was also found that garlic is very good for the heart and blood vessels.This is heard every person.The latest information confirms that the garlic is very useful, but nepolezen in any form.Our body should receive only fresh garlic.

Garlic contains allicin, which occurs at the time of cutting the cloves of garlic and a little longer retained in the juice.Dr. Dipak Das from the center of the cardiovascular system has approached this matter seriously and realized that the whole thing is not to allicin, but in one of his agents.Namely - the hydrogen sulphide - the gas is most known for the unpleasant smell spoiled rotten eggs or cabbage.This substance has a positive effect on the smooth muscles, relaxing them, removing and preventing spasm of different effects in the form of a stroke or heart attack.

therefore want to advise those who are happy, it is now possible to get drunk enough, drink only in moderation.

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