What are the 5 dangerous diseases threaten the elderly

According to WHO experts, after 55 years in humans begins older age.During this period he already comes with existing medical conditions.Some of them are considered to be harmless, while others to watch out for, be prevented.Because the list of top 5 will be given the most dangerous diseases of the elderly, which will require continuous use of drugs and treatment monitoring.

Coronary Heart Disease Heart disease and blood vessels are the most common, not only in the category of pathologies of advanced age.Moreover, high mortality rates, availability of fleeting forms, as well as the possibility of acute conditions - all this makes it necessary to monitor the treatment and prevention.Coronary artery disease includes a number of specific diseases, although the most common arrhythmia and myocardial infarction.


Old age - is the period most often found where cancer.Moreover, tumor pathology found only slightly less cardiovascular.And their main danger - high mortality at moderate morbidity.In this

connection, is required to pass examinations is constantly trying to identify cancers at an early stage of development.

liver cirrhosis

age, liver cirrhosis is more common.The reason for this - the progression of viral liver pathologies, as well as abuse of alcohol during the retirement age.Also accumulate and toxic factors that destroy the liver.

Moreover, cirrhosis inevitably leads to death, threatening esophageal, gastric and intestinal bleeding, acute liver failure and coma.


Diabetes occurs at different ages, but is most dangerous in the elderly.The reason for this - the accumulation of toxic factors in vascular walls of the arteries of the body, as well as the conversion of connective tissue in the muscle.Cardiac activity on the background of diabetes and hypertension is weakening, threatening infarctions.Very often in such a situation occurs painless form of heart attack, which is why medical care is not cause, dying at home.

joint diseases

This category includes pathologies osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.These forms of the disease leads to the destruction of cartilage and bone, which is why patients lose motor function.Because any osteoporosis fracture can grow together for 1-2 years, whereas osteoarthritis - a painful form of the destruction of cartilage.The latter leads to the need for prosthetic joints: the knee and hip.Otherwise it completely immobilize the patient.

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