What is to be left-handed

Being left-handed was hard at all times.Left-handedness has always been considered at best a flawed, to be cured, and at worst, it was evidence of an obsession, and punishable by death.

Today attitude towards lefties become more tolerant, although not always they have the opportunity to feel fully in this right-handed world.However, the left-hander is a very interesting and talented people, and this is evidenced by a number of facts given below:

  • According to sociologists, left-handers in the world there are about 3-5%.For about 5% of people are Ambidexterity ie equally owning two hands, and the remaining 90% - right-handed.
  • They tend to have good creativity and perfectly manifest themselves in literature, music, philosophy, architecture, individual sports.The left-hander was Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Mozart, Beethoven, Pele and many other prominent representatives of different eras of humanity.
  • Lefties have a very delicate and sensitive nature.They are more a
    menable to righties emotional impact and stress.
  • Among women, lefties are less common than among men.
  • duration of their lives, according to various sources, is shorter than the right-handed to 9 years.
  • about 2500 lefties die per year due to the unsuitability of many everyday objects and the production of their "left-handed" life.
  • Most lefties can be seen in Australia, Eastern Europe, South Asia.Fewer of them in Africa, North America and Western Europe.
  • Among them increasingly found problems such as stuttering and poor reading ability.
  • Most of these people come across among identical twins.
  • Right-handed people use their left hand is much less than the left-hander used his right hand.
  • in women after age 40, the chance to have a left-hander, is much more than a woman to 20 years.
  • Left-handers, through more rapid communication between the left and right hemispheres, data transmission speed is significantly faster than right-handers.
  • In case of an injury of his left hand, these people are much faster than right-handers starting to use the second hand.
  • Almost all left-handed as a child were pereuchivaemy, but besides the moral and physical injuries, this measure gave nothing.Many have learned as a result of writing with his right hand, but the left hand is still leading.
  • desire of parents to retrain your children and get them to use it, like everyone else, the right hand can bring not only the moral harm your baby, but do not give him the opportunity to further develop their creative abilities.
  • chances to have a child-left-handed right-handed parents are equal to 2%.In the event that it is the father or mother, then the probability increases to 17%.If both parents are left-handed, then the chance increases to 46%.
  • Lefty - this is not a diagnosis, but a person has the same rights, opportunities and talent, as well as the right-hander.
  • They have their day in the calendar of international holidays.It is on 13 August.
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