The most amazing medical facts

following material is a list of "most-most" of the facts from the field of medicine that have taken place in the world.

  1. According to the German book "Super Woman" very many children's mother was Barbara Shtrattsman, who lived in the second half of the XV century in Germany.This fact is confirmed by the documents which indicated that Barbara gave birth to 53 children.The number of births does not reach this figure, as Frau Shtrattsman gave birth 18 times in one baby, 5 times a spouse gave birth to twins, 4 times - triplets, 1 genera ended the birth of 6 children and 1 times Barbara gave birth to 7 babies at once.However, the absolute record holder in the number of children a woman farmer, who lived in Russia in the XVIII century.It went down in history records, as a mother who gave birth to 69 children.
  2. In the east of New Guinea have mountain village tribe odds.The people of this tribe are subject to a rare disease called Kuru.When infection occurs Kourou 100% fatal.The emergence of this disease is cau
    sed by a specific custom tribe - the eating of human brain.
  3. In the United States, the longest period between the death of a pregnant woman and her child's birth was registered in the city of Roanoake (Virginia) July 5, 1983.Woman in labor was on artificial life support in a state of clinical death.The length of time through which the patient's daughter was born 84 days.
  4. Another amazing fact occurred in Burma in 1961.Residents of Rangoon 54 years have made cesarean section and got ossified baby weighing 1.3 kilograms, which was in the womb for 25 years.The child was not born in 1936, when the mothers have stopped the fight.This fact has been registered as the longest pregnancy.
  5. fact the highest body temperature occurred at Grady Memorial Hospital, which is located in Atlanta.July 10, 1980 went to the hospital the patient is 52 years old by the name of Willie Jones.During a heart attack, his body temperature was 46.5 degrees, and the day after his health returned to normal and he was discharged.
  6. lowest level of body temperature was recorded three times:
    • February 1, 1951 in Chicago resident named Dorothy Stevens, which was found in a city park.
    • January 21, 1956 at Vicki Davis in Iowa.The girl was 2 years and 1 month when she was found in an unheated house.
    • January 19, 1985 in the State of Wisconsin in the snow was found 2-year-old Michael Trokl.
    • In all cases, the body temperature of these people was 16 degrees.
  7. In 1990, the United States set a record for tolerance of human body the highest temperature.Body of nude volunteers withstand temperatures + 204,4 ° C, and in the clothes, this figure amounted to + 260 ° C.For comparison - the usual meat is roasted at a temperature of 168,8 ° C.
  8. In Romania, one of the clinics, surgeons removed the gall bladder stone 831 men.This medical record was set in 2002.
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