Unusual facts about the human body

  1. Women's hair can withstand the load of twenty tons, and a hair is able to lift into the air stogrammovy thing.
  2. Zimbabweans in just twenty years, has taken more than 600 000 different medicines, but after the death of any one body has not been found serious violations.
  3. Experience has shown that without any clothes, men can endure temperatures up to 240 degrees Celsius.It is worth noting that the usual steak roast at 160 degrees.
  4. With frequent migraines person ceases to distinguish different shades of colors, while the professional painter may spend about ninety black shades easily.
  5. Seventy muscles have to use your body to say a word of 4 letters.
  6. Ninety-eight percent of the hair that grows on a man in his life, falls on the body rather than the head.
  7. During the night a man pulls a couple of centimeters, but by lunchtime growth returns the old parameters.
  8. human memory stores only ten percent of what he heard, but saves more than ninety percent done.
  9. Over the life length of the hair on the human
    body for a total of up to 1,000 kilometers.
  10. human brain consumes twenty percent oxygen produced by the body.
  11. human liver weighs on average one and a half kilograms.
  12. Human earlobes can grow, shrink and change throughout life.
  13. If you put a coin in the gastric juice, then there is nothing left after a couple of hours away.
  14. If on the cornea were to capillaries, people could not recognize smaller objects.It is therefore not cornea receives oxygen from blood, and from the air.
  15. human eye processes an hour as much information as they can handle the 10 most powerful computers in two hours.
  16. On blinking average man spends a day about twelve minutes.Women also spend half as much as blink twice as often.
  17. Within thirty minutes the energy spent on the maintenance of human life, would be enough to heat up two liters of water.
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