How can harm an engagement ring ?

More recently, scientists were able to obtain data that can essentially be called a little creepy.Impotence causes nothing more than a wedding ring.Rather it is our habit to wear.

found that if the product of the gold is sitting tight on the finger and removed very rarely, it is, figuratively speaking, "take a strong liking" to the finger of his master, he grows into the skin.And here is the main danger and hidden.It was thought that the problem lies in the fact that the ring pinches the blood vessels of the ring finger and the man brings harm.It has now been found that the problem lies in the oxidation of the precious metal, which in its consequences is simply a disaster.

Gold, metal, of course, a noble.No one disputes this.But, like any other metal gold is also subjected to the aging process.It starts simple chemical reaction of oxidation.All would be nothing.However, oxidation occurs when a person's finger, the body gets poisoned products of this oxidation.Oxides of gold penetrate the fat body.Their

influence is very detrimental to the individual, especially in the sexual glands.

As a result - starting the first signs of impotence, then passing into a state of complete powerlessness.Man rushes to the doctors, Viagra drink and does not know what the root of the evil is on his finger.And, as in the story of the horse and nicotine, to the male body always left feeling "Basic Instinct", you only need a few fractions of a milligram of a substance such as gold oxide.

I would like to ask - and that such an injustice, given that the poison does not act on the female body.How can you not remember that marriage ring someone shrewdly called fetters of love.

So scientifically confirmed treachery of the weaker sex, striving, by all means, bring a man to the registrar and to put a ring on it.So they want to bring men to the grave, or deprive them of their reproductive functions.What is the conclusion from this situation and output.Probably the best would be if a wedding ring worn impermanent or produce it from other material.For example, not dangerous to man's health are considered platinum and silver.

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