The unusual properties of the human body

The human body is a unique design created by nature.Each organ or system has great features that surprise and sometimes even shocking.And if you stay at each of them, you can learn many fascinating facts.

  • brain.Every second in the human brain there is the order of several hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions, which spent a huge amount of energy.Mental stress often burns the same amount of calories, and active exercise.This proves once again that the work of the brain no less exhausting than working muscles.
  • nose.The first line of defense is considered to be the mucous membrane of the nose, which protects the body against a variety of bacteria that are trying to get inside.This is possible due to the unique properties of the nasal passages to change the size of their blood vessels several times a day.As a result, one continuously extending wider than the other.
  • eyes.Antibacterial liquid exists in the lacrimal glands - that she washes the Wink organs of vision.Tears of grief include a quarter mo
    re proteins than tears from irritants.And the presence of tears in prolactin (a hormone for milk production) explains the nature and frequency of crying female.
  • skin.When pressure on the skin or cuts tiniest blood vessels constrict instantly.It is easy to prove if we draw a thin blunt object and arm.In place of the touch forms a white band, indicating the outflow of blood.One square centimeter of skin contains almost 3000 sensitive cells, microorganisms over 3 million and about 100 sweat glands.
  • stomach.The food, once in the stomach, is exposed to a strong caustic substance that can dissolve a razor blade.Risk digest itself completely excluded because the inner membrane of the stomach is changed every three days.
  • ears.Person available for sensing the sound, which is in the range of 20 to 20,000 Hz.However, no man is able to hear the noise of the moving blood in the neck and head, in spite of a reasonable rate.The sound of his own voice is in his ears through the bones, which is slightly changes the timbre of the sound.For this reason, few people can find their own voice, recorded on tape.
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