Important medical experiments

Sometimes medical progress requires a human sacrifice, but the experiments are presented below, which have been carried out on humans, they are striking in their cruelty.During the implementation of these projects, all the laws of ethics and humanity, and the people who implement them have been violated, went down in history as devoid of human principles, compassion and empathy, being.

Tuskegee Experiment

US This study was conducted in 1932 on the territory of Alabama.The purpose of this experiment - to find out how proceeds venereal disease - syphilis, if not carried out any treatment.To this end, American experts have selected 399 men blacks and monitored their health.In this experiment, the participants were told that they spend therapy by bad blood, but in fact no treatment is carried out.

Doctors did it deliberately to examine all adverse symptoms of syphilis.Even in 1947, when penicillin was discovered, for patients from Alabama it was not used.It is not known how many would have continued this

research, but in 1972 the American scientists were exposed and punished.

experiments at Auschwitz

One of the most horrible experiments are experiments that carried German doctor Josef Mengele on prisoners in Auschwitz.They were so violent that some test subjects did not live up to the end of the experiment.Nazi doctors carried out various kinds of research and tests:

  1. To find out how much a baby can live without food, his mother tied the chest, and after a few days, haggard child was administered a lethal dose of morphine.
  2. For Aircraft test person was placed in a low temperature and pressure.
  3. on people conducted research of new methods of treatment of various infectious diseases and the consequences of the impact of chemical weapons.
  4. many prisoners during the experiments were sterilized by force.

US Holocaust Memorial Museum contains data that Dr. Mengele had a hobby - collecting the eyes of their "patients".After the war, many of the doctors of Auschwitz were tried, but the head physician Mengele escaped to Brazil.

operation without anesthesia

gynecologist John Marion Sims became famous thanks to his experimental surgery in which he spent on the slaves.The worst thing in his method of treatment of gynecological diseases was that all operations Dr. Sims conducted without anesthesia and anesthesia, which has only recently been invented in those years.This rule was his conviction, on which the doctor believed that during the operation the patient did not feel much pain, so the anesthetic risk of using unjustified.Therefore, women-slaves, deprived of the right of choice, were forced to experiencing unbearable suffering during surgery.

In 1933, in the Journal of Medical Ethics has released an article condemning the actions of John Marion Sims, written by a professor of the University of Alabama Durend Oyanug.

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