Achievements of modern medicine

Recent studies in medicine are encouraging that there are answers to the challenges of diseases such as AIDS and cancer.Modern medicine is able to correct human behavior, replace the action of drugs and devices to infiltrate the inner sanctum - the DNA.The list of scientific breakthroughs are many innovations that can change lives.

  1. Male contraceptive pill.It expands the scope of contraceptives for men with the advent of non-hormonal drug that blocks spermogenez.The chemical compound contained in the miracle medicine, has already been successfully tested on mice.Unique that reproductive capacity is restored almost immediately after discontinuation of the drug, so in the near future, many women will be able to stop taking hormones, to avoid unplanned pregnancy.And the whole responsibility for the continuation of the species will be on the man's shoulders.
  2. Down with bad memories.Canadian scientists have invented a drug that reduces the human need for a "revitalization" of negative memories.It was origina
    lly planned that the drug will be used to normalize the function of the adrenal cortex, but a number of studies found a reduction in stress levels in the body.In addition, the perception of weakened painful memories and formed a positive view of what is happening.
  3. neurostimulator migraine.European experts presented to the public a neurostimulator, significantly facilitates the migraine.Activation of the device occurs by means of an external remote control by touching the patient's cheek.The device is located in the nose.As a result of the therapy, the subjects showed a decrease or complete disappearance of the headache.
  4. Tablets against racism.By unexpected discoveries can be attributed, and a cure for high blood pressure, a side effect of which is the decline of racism.Visibly reduces the subconscious level of aggression towards other nationalities.The reason is to reduce the activity of certain neurons responsible for subconscious fear, including the fear of foreigners.
  5. Disabling unnecessary chromosome.American scientists managed to truly impossible.A copy of chromosome 21, is responsible for the occurrence of Down syndrome is now easily "switched off".Opening will be the basis for the development of chromosomal therapy for those children who are still in the womb.Do not rule out the possibility of symptomatic treatment and appeared on the kids born with disappointing syndrome.
  6. «Goodbye, hangover!" Novelty, called digidromiritsetin, can prevent a hangover, minimize morning syndrome "drunken night" and even reduce the craving for drink.However, there are also skeptical doctors who believe that a unique tool will not cure alcoholism, but will increase the temptation to drink more, because the effects of "spree" will be minimal.
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