Persistent dizziness and pain in the head : Causes

Andrew asks:

Hello!I have the following problem: persistent dizziness, pain in the head, squeezing the head, constantly jumps pressure, eyesight and hearing deteriorated.Passed examinations: MRI of the head - the right vertebral artery stenosis, X-ray of the neck - osteochondrosis anomaly measures kim le, Doppler - reduced blood flow by 40-60%, abnormal bending of both the PA.Social pills, injections do not help.It feels like I'm dying, I'm 25 years old,
height 173, weight 89. What do I do doctor?Please advise.Really getting tired.It lasts all this is the fifth year.Worse and worse.Already almost get out of bed, difficulty walking, his head begins to spin more and condition such that if I shall fall into a swoon.I beg you, help me, even though the council.Thanks in advance.


Andrew , the most important thing - you can not give up, give up.The condition is not pleasant, it is clear, and here on the website, not seeing the full picture of the disease, it is difficult to give a special

expert advice.Most likely, artery stenosis is secondary, the main reason - this is your low back pain and Kimerli anomaly.In itself, this anomaly of the spine is not a disease, but because of its availability and vascular disorders arise, it is manifested by symptoms and priznakmi that you present.In the presence of this anomaly disrupted blood flow to the cerebellum and posterior parts of the brain.

The most common treatment of anomalies Kimerli conservative, patients in addition to medical therapy, it is recommended to lead a life of gentle, avoid strenuous exercise, sharp turns of the head, flip, load and standing on his head, sports that are associated with blows to the head.In extreme cases, it is rare when the symptoms are very severe, surgical treatment.

you need a sensible knowledgeable doctor - experienced professional, who not only made the appointment, but will regularly monitor the dynamo, analyzing the condition, correcting and selecting the dosage for you individually.

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