Diagnosed diverticulosis of the sigmoid colon : what is it?

Zoya asks:

Good afternoon.I was diagnosed - diverticulosis of the sigmoid colon, sigmoid-catarrhal Procto.The second time doing a colonoscopy in December 2013.But the colonoscope could spend only a downward intestine as 8 years ago because of severe pain.The doctor says that the sigmoid intestine "firmly fixed" due to adhesions after abdominal surgery.What does it mean?But I did not have such operations.What more gentle method can conduct a full examination of overlying intestine for cancer exclusion ?.Is it permissible to anesthesia during a colonoscopy and whether it is dangerous?


Zoya , regarding adhesive disease, which writes the answer the doctor, she often does arise as a result of abdominal operations.Sometimes adhesions in the pelvic area can be formed as a result of previously deferred severe inflammation (including sexually transmitted) diseases of the genitourinary system, peritonitis.You rightly worried about cancer, because the operations did not, and serious illness hav

e not gone unnoticed.Therefore, in order to eliminate cancer in the pelvis and a correct diagnosis, colonoscopy is desirable to still do.

Anesthesia Colonoscopy acceptable successfully a lot of health care practice it, making an unpleasant painful procedure gentle and easily portable.

Anesthetize the survey in three ways.The easiest - lubrication of anesthetic (usually lidocaine) colonoscope tip.Good effect gives premedication - a combination of anesthetic and sedative drugs.In difficult cases, general anesthesia is used.

Feedback from patients, local anesthesia in most cases it is ineffective, anesthesia fraught with complications, but premedication is very popular during the colonoscopy, and in principle it is not dangerous if you are not allergic to medications that are used at the same time.

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