Hair began to fall : massage , therapy

Natalia asks:

Hello, the doctor!I have a problem: 1.5 years my hair began to fall, the hair left at all for 2.5 years.They took me to different clinics, private doctors, turned to traditional healers, and even grandmother sheptuham, all said completely different things.Doctors said that dormant hair roots, we need massages, therapy.Others do not give hope and all said that the roots are dead.Well, healers and grandmothers, then cursed, then uttered, etc.Here's my problem now I'm 23 years old.


Natalia , as you have to seek medical advice and have tried to solve alopecia problem, so necessary in these cases were examined, and, most likely experts took into account all associated diseases and problems that cause abnormal hair loss.Surely you have explained the reasons why such incidents happen in life.

Unfortunately, to solve your problem can not be trite answer, you need to see a picture of your overall health, find out hereditary factors (possibly similar problems occurred in your fa

mily), the presence of you and cured chronic diseases.It is important to know and consider what medications you have been treated or are being treated.All this affects the growth and quality of hair.

causes of alopecia are very diverse, there are many.This past infectious diseases and hormonal disorders, and diseases of the female reproductive organs and lowered immunity, and vitamin deficiency.Effects on the body of harmful chemicals and allergens, congenital malformations of hair follicles, pituitary disease can also lead to thinning and hair loss.Fungal diseases of the skin, some sexually transmitted diseases are often stayut cause focal or total alopecia.

As you can see, in order to cope with the problem of alopecia, it is important to correctly identify the problem and find a way to resolve.In any case, we can not give up, you need to find a way out of this situation.Grandmas yes healers here, is not likely to help, but modern medicine with the right approach may be able to help.

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