Open internal hydrocephalus : what to do ?

Zoe asks:

Hello, I'm 21, I did an MRI and I have discovered an open internal hydrocephalus, transparent cyst 0.5 cm wide - in the front, sections 0.7 wide at the rear, the partition.I drank the medicine, but I do not become worse.Medicines, which I drank and drink: Phenibutum, mexidol diakarb, fezam amitriptyline.Tell me, what do I do?


Zoe , the most important thing that needs to be done in this situation - it is a well-qualified specialist, who not only conduct a full examination and give an adequate assessment of your condition and prescribe complex based treatment.

open internal hydrocephalus - the disease is not easy, can be congenital or acquired.Mild illness is sometimes found incidentally during MRI performed for other reasons;in more complex cases, hydrocephalus is characterized by certain symptoms, depending on the form of the disease.Sometimes this pathology can develop after all kinds of head injuries, in particular - concussion of the brain, surgical or infectious diseas

es in the elderly may develop on the background of cerebral atherosclerosis or stroke.When you open an internal hydrocephalus enlarged ventricular system of the brain and cerebrospinal fluid is poured into the liquor system.The open form can be both internal and external.Treatment is usually assigned complex: drugs that reduce intracranial pressure, diuretics, desensitizing therapy, antibiotics (if any inflammation).If the process progresses, there is a need for surgical intervention.

As you can see, to give expert advice, you need to at least see the MRI results to know how far the process has gone, what symptoms disturb the behavior of the cyst.If the cyst is increased, and the prescribed treatment does not work, you may need to consult a neurosurgeon.In any case, since the treatment does not give the expected results, do not delay the visit to the physician and neurosurgeon: the faster you go to the doctor, the more chances to improve your condition.

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