My girls SMA type 2 , how to treat?

Galina asks:

My girls SMA type 2 ey11let.In 9 years spent in Germany surgery to correct scoliosis.In 2012, in November suffered pneumonia, was a week in intensive care on a ventilator.This year in late October pneumonia again, there were no intensive care, but it was very difficult breathing, which was restored only after the injection relieving pulmonary edema.A month passed, but she still coughs sputum.What should we do?The entire month do Pulmicort inhalation.

else to do in berudualom and lasolvan.Can I do so long Pulmicort?How to strengthen the immune system?whether anesthesia affects the immune system?We are in February to be another operation to correct contractures.We would like to know how to treat these children with bronchitis?


Galina, case with your child rather unusual to answer the questions posed should not only carry out a visual examination of the child, auscultation, but also to see the test results, hospital records, hospital discharge, to knowwhat medications she

had been treated and many other factors.If girl coughs so long, it is possible that turned into pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, or joined.Here one inhalation will not help, you need a comprehensive treatment from a pulmonologist, directed not only at the treatment of the underlying disease, but also to increase immunity, strengthening the body.Especially since it will have another surgery.Where appropriate medical treatment, physiotherapy, massage and tempering procedures.But the approach to such a child should be individualized, taking into account all aggravating factors.

Regarding pulmicort can say that it glyukosteroidny drug, it can be addictive, t. To. The long-term use suppresses adrenal function and discontinuation may cause withdrawal symptoms.Therefore it is very important to observe the dosage and treatment under medical supervision.

As for anesthesia and its effect on the immune system - of course, he does not pass without leaving a trace.Therefore, after any surgery with anesthesia is so important in the recovery period to monitor the state of health, eat well, get enough vitamins and minerals.

Because you still have one operation, it is imperative to treat bronchopulmonary pathology in girls, t. To. It can be a clear contraindication for anesthesia.

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