The treatment of hemorrhoids ?

Yuri asks:

Help please, than be treated for hemorrhoids, thrombosis is not great inside the anus thanks in advance!


Yuri, hemorrhoids - a serious disease that does not tolerate neglect.In addition to the unpleasant painful symptoms and discomfort, may be complicated by prolapse of hemorrhoids, bleeding.If the nodes are not very big, you can facilitate their own state, but still consultation proctologist - the surest way to correctly prescribed treatment and thus recovery.

radical methods of hemorrhoid treatment is the removal of nodes using surgery.This modern doctors have developed a number of techniques for medical treatment.

Independently can alleviate the condition with a small thrombosis using rectal suppositories, ointments, gels.These are preparations containing in its composition, heparin, anti-inflammatory and analgesic components, oils, vitamins promoting reduction units, removal of inflammatory manifestations.A good effect is given candles Relief ointment Proktozan, Hepa

rin ointment, etc. What is more appropriate for you:. Suppositories or ointment dressings depends on your physiological characteristics and localization of hemorrhoids.

important to remember that some medications do not deal with hemorrhoids.The first step is to normalize bowel function.Regular chair, no constipation greatly facilitate forecasting and treatment of this disease.Spicy, salty food adversely affects the course of the disease.

If you have a sedentary job, you need to organize it, to be able to alternate between "sitting" while walking or exercising.And do not forget about personal hygiene.It is not recommended to take sedentary hot tubs, steam bath.

be treated yourself or go to the proctologist - to decide, of course, you.Just do not forget that the hemorrhoid jokes do not like: better once be treated radically than many years to deal with unpleasant consequences.

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