Erosive antral gastrit- risks

Larissa asks:

Hello!My brother often falls pressure him 48 years after the examination he was diagnosed erosive antral gastritis.Bleeding Monsieur subkardii closer to the bottom of Well-ka with submucosal transition to the cardia.RN-3,5.Nr-Neg.After studies in the train to put 40ml.aminocaproic to-you.At the same time all the other organs without pathology.How dangerous?


Larisa , erosive antral gastritis - disease is quite serious, is fraught with complications.Symptoms like stomach ulcer.

Because your brother, by your description, hemorrhagic form of the disease, gastritis, in addition to pain in the epigastric area, heartburn, regurgitation, nausea or vomiting may be accompanied by a sharp and sluggish bleeding.This sometimes leads not only to reduce the pressure, but also in advanced cases of anemia, reduced immunity, and other complications.Therefore, we should very seriously consider how to treat and to prevent possible complications.It should be remembered also that sometimes

asymptomatic disease.

If during the study brother introduced into the stomach aminocaproic acid to stop the bleeding, this does not preclude subsequent treatment by a gastroenterologist.And as gastritis may periodically give relapses (exacerbations), it is important to follow a diet, eliminate from the diet of fried, spicy food, do not overeat, especially at night, to give up alcohol and heavily carbonated beverages, coffee, strong tea.It is advisable to eat a fractional, small portions, eliminate snacks cold food.

Stress, emotional breakdowns, nervous stress can also exacerbate the disease.

Despite the fact that the erosive antral gastritis can lead to serious consequences, if the time and correctly diagnosed, undergo appropriate treatment, lead, no matter how corny it sounds, a healthy lifestyle - the disease can be stopped and to prevent its recurrence.This necessarily occur at the gastroenterologist.

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