What if revealed hydrocephalus in the newborn ?

birth of a baby - great fun for the whole family.The happiest moments in the life of every woman - the first few minutes after birth.It was a shrill cry of the newborn presents newly-mom fully understanding the mission.Moreover, formed on a solid top five.Cry baby communicates its appearance: "Here I am, I was born!" And the happy mother is going through the most amazing moments in my life that can not be compared with any more than its worth.

appearance of crumbs in the house not only brings joy.The kid from the early days requires attention and care, it is a huge responsibility that parents have for themselves.Regular visits to the primary care pediatrician, constant weighing and measuring all kinds will become an integral part of their daily lives.

Careful monitoring of the health of the baby is necessary for timely diagnosis and competent treatment of the disease, if any, will be revealed specialist.

Today in children is often diagnosed with increased intracranial pressure.The reasons for its occ

urrence are many: from the lack of oxygen the fetus during pregnancy to meningitis and encephalitis.Among the most common reason - violation of metabolic processes in the body of the child, premature overgrown fontanelle.In addition, doctors can diagnose hydrocephalus in the newborn.

terrible diagnosis

heard at the next reception the doctor diagnosed a mother - a huge mountain.But before you panic, try to deal with a term such as hydrocephalus in infants.In common parlance - is brain edema.Severe disease, resulting in the newborn's head increases in size;if it is detected in a child older skull is the same size as the bones become stronger.

Causes of hydrocephalus in infants according to medical statistics, a wide variety.It:

  1. brain hydrocephalus in the fetus.Thanks to modern methods of diagnosis, this abnormality is detected at the stage of pregnancy;
  2. birth trauma, which is often accompanied by intraventricular or intracerebral hemorrhage;
  3. various tumors and malformations of brain development.

In turn, fetal hydrocephalus can be a consequence of various abnormalities in the development of the nervous system or migrated to a woman during pregnancy infections.

Signs of hydrocephalus in infants attentive mother can see at the earliest stages.In this case, of course, you should immediately consult a doctor - a neurologist as to confirm the diagnosis or soothe (more likely) a terrified mother can only be a specialist, conducted appropriate studies.Early diagnosis of such diseases as hydrocephalus in infants - symptoms that parents can notice already in the first months of life of the crumbs increase the likelihood of successful treatment several times.

How does this disease?

main symptoms of hydrocephalus in infants:

  1. frequent regurgitation, which can move in vomiting;
  2. constant sleepiness kid or, on the contrary, increased excitability of the newborn;
  3. seizures arising in consequence of hypertonicity of the lower limbs;
  4. rapid increase in head circumference size.This is the first symptom by which the doctor may suggest a newborn brain dropsy;
  5. decrease in appetite baby.Frequent failure of the baby of breastfeeding or bottle with milk formula may also be a sign of hydrocephalus in the newborn babies;
  6. swelling veins on his head, a strong increase in the fontanel area due to the increased amounts of cerebrospinal fluid, in other words, in the cerebrospinal fluid of the brain.

brain Hydrocephalus in infants can not be determined only on the basis of observations of the mother and the examination by a doctor - a neurologist, to confirm or exclude this pathology requires a set of special surveys, which must appoint a specialist.Only qualified doctors and modern methods of diagnosis able to clarify the situation.That is why parents should not give in to depression and to paint himself all sorts of horrors alleged in the child's disease.The most important thing in this situation - making all the necessary examinations prescribed by a doctor.

there a way out?

In modern medicine, such as neurosurgery, treatment of hydrocephalus in infants is performed by surgical or conservative methods.The decision to choose a particular method of treatment must be made solely on the basis of the research.Timely treatment for medical help makes life easier for the baby and mother, but also significantly increases the chances of recovery remains.If the doctors decided to treat dropsy brain surgically, their essence will be to create conditions for the outflow of excess cerebrospinal fluid.When conservative methods of treatment your child is prescribed a variety of drugs, such as diuretics or special hormonal.At the same time a prerequisite for the successful recovery of the child is the observance of the daily routine, complex and anti-inflammatory therapy.

Parents confronted with such crumbs disease, it should be remembered that even after the operation the baby head circumference is not reduced.Therefore, timely diagnosis carried out on the relevant equipment in a medical institution - a guarantee that the disease will be prevented at an early stage of its development.However, despite the severity of this, most often congenital disease, it can be successfully treated.

What is fraught with hydrocephalus?

Speaking of hydrocephalic syndrome, it should be said about such a conclusion the doctor as external hydrocephalus in infants.In this case, there is an increase volume of cerebrospinal fluid from the outside of the brain, while he anterior central nervous system can be damaged.Treatment appointed a neurologist, is taking medications that contribute to fluid outflow, also can be assigned to a massage and electrophoresis.

examined the causes and treatment options, we can not dwell on what is fraught with this disease for the baby.Hydrocephalus in infants effects, which depend primarily on the degree of the disease, can be very dangerous.Most often, doctors say:

  1. speech disorders;
  2. increased intracranial pressure, which, in turn, leads to constant headaches;
  3. visual impairment, including blindness;
  4. delayed mental and physical development of the newborn: baby much later learn to keep the head, sit;
  5. epileptic seizures;

In addition, in case of a late appeal for medical help possible death.In conclusion, I want to say that to date, the disease can be treated successfully, as a result of which the kid can prevent all sorts of complications.

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