Hydrocephalus in children and all of the manifestation and treatment of disease

brain Hydrocephalus - is to increase the volume of the brain ventricles, caused by a large number of cerebrospinal fluid.The people familiar with the disease as "water on the brain."

In the brain of the child are 4 ventricle with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), which interact with each other.If too much liquor, it accumulates in the ventricles of the brain, and the more it is, the more pronounced the more the disease suffers brain and the whole body of the child.This condition is called hydrocephalus.Types

Hydrocephalus hydrocephalus in children, depending on where in the cerebrospinal fluid accumulates, is of several types:

  • external hydrocephalus in children (fluid accumulation occurs beneath brain membranes);
  • internal hydrocephalus in children (fluid accumulation occurs in the ventricles of the brain);
  • mixed hydrocephalus in children (fluid accumulation occurs under the shells, and the ventricles).

Symptoms of the disease The main sign of the presence of hydrocephalus in a child up to two y

ears is the rapid growth of the head.Since the child is not fused cranial sutures, the bones smoothly apart from the growing volume in the brain.The most common reason for the increase is the circumference of the head hydrocephalus in children.On it could be evidence of increased size open fontanelle, as well as its protrusion.Due to the increase in the volume of the skull bones of the head are thin, so the forehead begins to rise and come forward, under the skin of the face and forehead venous rayed pattern.the tone of the extremities is increased With the progression of the disease.

child starts to lag behind in development:

  • not holding the head in a certain period;
  • does not shrink and does not try to get up on time.

Suffering from hydrocephalus child listless, not interested in the outside world, often crying.Doctors believe that a child often has a headache in this disease.

Signs of hydrocephalus in children older than two years

most important sign of hydrocephalus in a child older than two years is to have frequent headaches, sometimes even nausea and vomiting, especially in the morning and at night.As a child often pathological changes fundus that can detect eye doctor, epileptic seizures, incontinence, increased tone of limbs, premature puberty, advance or stunting, obesity.

To these symptoms should be treated with increased attention in order not to lose time.Consult a doctor, a neurologist to conduct the necessary surveys to find out the reasons.The sooner the disease is detected, the easier it is to treat.

Causes of illness

hydrocephalus in the fetus

Now modern medicine is able to identify brain hydrocephalus in the fetus already at the 16-20 week.The cause of hydrocephalus can be in the presence of latent infections in women.To avoid this, you must carefully check their health, to pass certain tests and to conduct a thorough treatment before pregnancy.

manifestation of the disease in newborns

most commonly hydrocephalus in newborns occurs with birth defects of the brain or spinal cord, as well as in the presence of intrauterine infections.Sometimes the cause of this disease can be a birth trauma, especially in preterm infants.

Hydrocephalus in children older than one year

The causes of hydrocephalus in children at this age are: encephalitis, meningitis, vascular malformations in the brain, infectious diseases, genetic disorders, traumatic brain injury.

Diagnostics and medical therapy

To identify hydrocephalus, it is necessary to conduct a series of surveys:

  • fundus examination by an ophthalmologist;
  • cranial ultrasonography;
  • computed tomography;
  • MRIs.

brain Uzi made for children not older than two years.

If passed examination confirmed the diagnosis, an urgent need to start his treatment.First of all, consult a neurosurgeon, he is able to assess the course of the disease and to determine the method of treatment.

If the disease does not progress, and clear signs of increasing pressure is not present, the patient is under the care of a doctor, a neurosurgeon with frequent inspections and conduct a series of surveys, as well as appointed Diakarb (a drug that reduces the production of spinal fluid).

Very often in brain hydrocephalus assigned operation ventriculo-peritoneal shunt.In this operation, the liquid enters the ventricles from the other cavities, such as the abdomen, where the later excreted.

Deciding on the operation should be timely, should not be delayed, because it will save his life, and the baby's head does not become less after surgery, it will simply cease to increase.

Such operations have saved the lives of many children, most of whom have returned to normal life.

Possible consequences

Parents should be very attentive to your child, with increased loyalty and patience.After all, the baby, and so difficult to exist in this world, and even with health problems.

The most important consequence of hydrocephalus in a child - is a psychomotor retardation.For such a child should be treated with understanding and help in the development, it is desirable to further engage with it and develop.

Be careful, patient and care for their children.In time treat that child can live a normal life for years to come!Children - our happiness and future, for them, we live in!

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