Causes, symptoms , treatment of hydrocephalus brain

brain Hydrocephalus - a violation of the circulation of the fluid in the brain, which leads to excessive accumulation of it.Increased intracranial pressure, respectively - there is too much pressure on the brain, and this leads to many serious consequences.

Typically, there are three types of hydrocephalus at the place of liquid accumulations:

  1. ventricular - fluid accumulates in the ventricles of the brain, deep within the brain,
  2. outdoor - accumulation occurs in the subarachnoid space, close to the skull,
  3. total - cerebrospinal fluid accumulates around the brain.

If the fluid in places where free reports, an open hydrocephalus.If the path of the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid violated, hydrocephalus is considered closed.

causes of hydrocephalus brain

In children the disease may be either congenital or acquired.brain Hydrocephalus in adults usually develops after an infection, bleeding in the brain, stroke, brain tumors.Hydrocephalus occurs very frequently in the elderly and leads t

o premature senile dementia.If the time to diagnose the disease, the effects can be largely mitigated.

proximate causes of hydrocephalus in adults can be varied:

  1. violation of circulation of the liquid,
  2. malabsorption,
  3. increased production of cerebrospinal fluid,
  4. reduction in the density of the brain substance due to its impregnation cerebrospinal fluid,
  5. narrowing of subarachnoid spaces.

also distinguished as a separate species vacuolar hydrocephalus, in which case the cause of the brain Hydrocephalus is a brain injury and, as a rule, the body restores normal circulation of liquid independently.In all other cases, a serious treatment is necessary.


brain Hydrocephalus begins to manifest itself when the pressure on the brain causes damage to some body functions.The disease is often accompanied by nausea and vomiting, an abnormally large sleep duration, the overall poor condition of the body, headache or migraine.The symptoms of chronic hydrocephalus are impaired gait, have problems with speech and urination, which appeared earlier than usual signs of dementia, dementia.

The first symptoms appear about 3 weeks after the disease, which causes hydrocephalus, sometimes for a long time masking syndromes hydrocephalus.With the disappearance of the underlying disease hydrocephalus it does not pass, and often continues to grow, as the case of serious violations of circulation of the liquid, these mechanisms themselves are not restored.

Sometimes the symptoms for a long time are absent, does not manifest itself at a moderate hydrocephalus in vzroslyhbolezn, but suddenly there are severe headaches, weakness and other symptoms.

hydrocephalus Accurate diagnosis can only be made after the MRI, the picture is clearly seen the area filled with liquid.Sometimes MRI complement fundus examination, lumbar puncture.Once the disease becomes clear pattern, physicians can prescribe treatment plan before surgery and surgery.

Effects of late onset of treatment

consequences of brain hydrocephalus dangerous because if you miss the beginning of the treatment they are usually irreversible.Constant pressure leads to serious damage to brain function, deformation of the skull and in the end - of life-threatening.Hydrocephalus in adults often leads to premature development of dementia.

treating diseases

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of drug treatments for hydrocephalus disease does not exist, therapy can only slow down the progression of the disease.Itself but is restored in some cases, if not severe forms of the disease, the circulation of fluid over time.Drug therapy is appointed in the first stage, in order to reduce intracranial pressure, to see to it how the condition of the patient and prevent the development of complications.

If necessary, made a puncture, the liquid is removed from the places excessive accumulations.If the brain does not restore output mechanisms liquid assigned operation: conventional bypass surgery or endoscopic surgery.There are several variations of liquid excretion: in the abdominal cavity, into the right atrium or into the ureter.In any case, a new surgical fluid circulation system to replace broken.

Although if the brain Hydrocephalus is caused by a tumor that prevents the normal circulation of the liquid, the interference is removed, after which the liquid circulation comes to normal.

Installation grafts during surgery is effective in 85% of cases, during the operation of the brain displays excess fluid, a shunt is installed on which it will be displayed from the storage places where the liquid is absorbed and distributed properly.After a rehabilitation period, patients returned to normal: the pressure on the brain disappears, damaged functions are restored.This relates to the conservative treatment, it is used to 50s.

But after surgery for brain bypass surgery in hydrocephalus in 40-60% of cases over time, problems such as mechanical failure of the shunt, the occurrence of inflammation, penetration of infection, then bypass must be changed, and it is - a new surgical intervention.

Currently, surgery often is performed endoscopically through small incisions, reducing the risk of complications and reducing the recovery period.The most commonly used endoscopic ventrikulotsisternostomiya bottom of the third ventricle.During this operation, the system restores the normal circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid, the surgeon makes so that the liquid through a specially fell into the tank of the brain, where it can be absorbed.If successful, this operation does not require installation of a shunt, the patient returns to normal life.

brain Hydrocephalus - the disease, the development of which can be of immediate danger to life and, in any case, lead to a significant deterioration of its quality.The disease leads to irreversible changes in the brain: that is what is dangerous hydrocephalus.But early diagnosis is possible a fairly rapid return to normal life, so do not ignore the early symptoms of hydrocephalus, especially if you have had one of the diseases that often provokes its development.

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