What is the replacement outer brain hydrocephalus ?

Hydrocephalus brain, or as it is called in common this disease - edema, is the excessive accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the intrathecal space of the brain and its ventricles.As a result, there is an expansion and brain atrophy.The cause of the disease can become pathological processes that lead to the violation of the outflow and the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid.These processes occur as a consequence of inflammatory diseases of the brain, head injuries, asphyxia, malformations of the central nervous system, brain tumors, cerebrovascular diseases, parasitic diseases.

hydrops may develop as infants and the elderly.

main symptoms of dropsy:

  • headaches,
  • cramps,
  • irritability and nervousness,
  • vomiting,
  • paralysis.

Newborns main feature of the disease is the rapid growth of the skull.But in general symptoms of disease depends on the shape and type.

most common form of hydrocephalus such as outdoor substitution brain hydrocephalus.In this case, for some reason there is a redu

ction of the brain volume, which fills the space cerebrospinal fluid.

cause of the disease may include: hypertension, atherosclerosis, brain concussion, abnormalities in the cervical vertebrae.

main symptoms of hydrocephalus is the replacement of the outer - numbness in various parts of the body (usually the limbs), shortness of breath, pale, darkening of the eyes and loss of coordination.But the sick person may not notice its manifestations because of the compensation of the brain volume of liquor.

Diagnosis and treatment of brain replacement hydrocephalus

external hydrocephalus substitution character is diagnosed by computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), as well as taking a lumbar puncture and examination of the fundus.If the patient is receiving the survey concluded MR picture outdoor substitution hydrocephalus, he appointed treatment.In addition, research is carried out such as: ultrasound, radiography, angiography, laboratory diagnosis for the presence of rubella virus, herpes, syphilis, toxoplasmosis and cytomegalovirus.

Outdoor substitution brain hydrocephalus may have a progressive and permanent flow.At a constant current of no reduction in volume of the brain does not progress and, accordingly, there is no increase in the cerebrospinal fluid.And if the patient's condition is satisfactory, the treatment is usually not prescribed, limited to regular inspection and supervision of specialists.

progressive nature of the disease can lead to dementia, gait disturbance, severe headache pain, incontinence and even death.Therefore, immediate treatment is required.

satisfactory results of treatment of substitution brain Hydrocephalus is the reduction and stabilization of intracranial pressure.

If the nature of the disease is constant, then the out-patient treatment.Usually appointments complex includes restorative therapy, salt-pine baths, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and desensitizing therapy.

appointed diakarb (diuretics), and drugs containing potassium (to maintain electrolyte balance) over a long period.If you can not remove the swelling, it is performed a puncture of cerebrospinal fluid.

With progressive nature of the current outdoor substitution hydrocephalus brain, resort to surgical methods of treatment.

Surgical treatments

most common method of surgery since the fifties of the twentieth century was bypass surgery, restoring the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid.This is a very effective operation, but has a lot of complications.After surgery, a lifelong patient has often tolerate surgery due to revision of the shunt.

Today priority method in neurosurgery considered endoscopic treatment of hydrocephalus.Endoscopy has several advantages compared to bypass surgery.It:

  1. restoring physiological circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid,
  2. not applicable implant a shunt system that reduces the risk of complications,
  3. less surgery and trauma,
  4. economical,
  5. in the postoperative period the patient's quality of life better.

Surgical treatment of hydrocephalus outer replacement is the only way to combat this disease.Drug treatment can only halt progression of the disease.

With timely treatment of external hydrocephalus substitution character in the young child, in most cases there is a stabilization of pathological processes that contribute to its normal development.A timely treatment of older children and adults leads to complete recovery.

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