Causes hallucinations often lie in different diseases

called Hallucinations painful disorders of perception, in the event that a person feels or sees the phenomenon does not exist in reality.

If a person has a vision - causes them to be found in mental disorders, in contrast to the illusion or mirage mental changes she creates objects that are not in reality.There is an assumption that the hallucinations of alkogolyaharakterny only for those who suffer from mental disorders.

This category of people includes those who frequently abused psychotropic drugs or using drugs.In what - the extent it really well - people such range in reality belong to the high risk group.But in general, we can not guarantee that healthy people are not exposed to the fact that they may develop hallucinations reasons that are obvious.

The experiments

scientists, experiments were conducted, which yielded quite interesting results.Nineteen people, not encumbered by any disease, were participants in the experiment.Any person from taking part in it some period of time to be alo

ne in a room with special equipment.

It could not penetrate any other sounds or images on the outside.Therefore, all registered sensations were "created" the human psyche, and could not be a reflection, even distorted real events or circumstances.

Poll after the experience

After this the researchers conducted a survey on perceptions of volunteers.Five people are in the conditions of the experiment, reported that "notice" people person.Six people reported that "found" the movement of unfamiliar creatures.Up to six other members "heard" strange sounds that defy explanation.A couple of people "watching" for the presence of monsters in an empty room.

The first conclusion from the experiments conducted

How confident organizers set up the experiment, a series of similar hallucinations can be explained by the fact that while the brain is used to obtain information on a regular basis, he unexpectedly falls in conditions of absolute lack of information data, and create their own.

second conclusion from the experiments performed

also psychiatrists believe that people who participated in the experiment, there were visions of hearing the causes of which are not necessarily concentrated in a dark room.It was determined that prisoners in solitary confinement, also often experience similar phenomena such as true hallucinations.Caught in the complete absence of a source of information, the brain has the ability to independently create different impressions.

diseases caused visibility

Tactile hallucinations are often the result of expression of the status of passion, strong fear, certain chemicals.

Stress state

Stress, which is formed in the case of death of relatives, or under other tragic circumstances affects hallucinations - symptoms of the disorder can be very diverse.In any case, the reasons which provoked their appearance must be very large.

There are examples where the functional hallucinations were triggered by excessive enthusiasm, the impact of the strong feelings of love.Suffice to frequent instances of such violations as functional hallucinations due to strong injuries or brain diseases.

Influence of trauma on the occurrence of hallucinations

Visceral formed in the presence of tumor-like formations, but they can be the result of a significant injury.
Influence stroke to a disease that causes hallucinations, stroke, experts carry syphilis, temporal arteritis, aneurysm, meningioma of the olfactory gland, certain problems of cardio - vascular system.

Factor Eye Diseases

special role in the development of this disease, scientists assign eye diseases.It was established that in glaucoma, cataract, and certain other diseases appear visual hallucinations.

Advanced age

addition to hallucinations in the elderly occur in otosclerosis - in these patients there auditory disorders.

difference illusions and hallucinations

Some people suggest that delusions and hallucinations belong to the same false perceptions.But the difference between them is that a false perception can be observed when there is no direct object, while the illusion becomes distorted reflection of the current event or phenomenon.

Hallucinations in healthy people

Healthy people see hallucinations are much more common than you can imagine.For example, while in the long passage across the desert, suffering from sweltering thirst, it may seem that front seems to town, an oasis.In fact, similar objects are nothing more than an optical illusion.

But - well, it should be noted that in cases of great options hallucinations experienced by people suffering from diseases of the psyche.In addition, the vast majority of people, regardless of their state, to the illusion of a critical response, assuming that, in fact there is an object that is not quite right is recognized, whereas hallucinations he is confident that an event or object exist in the real world.

Ekstrakampinnye hallucinations can be seen on a par with a visual impairment.True vision have a different character, and on the patient's affected in different ways, regardless of the causes.They can be characterized by a neutral coloration, or be completely without emotion.Patients have a relaxed attitude to them, at times even indifferent.


But there are exceptions, when emotionally causes hallucinations expressed quite clearly.Thus, the case has been described in clinical practice when the state of depression did not leave a mother who has lost her son.In his hallucinations she often saw the dead, and these "meetings" gives her great joy.

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