Myopia : Causes of

eyes - a mirror of our soul, but it is only a small fraction of what they mean for the human body.

the expense of a person is able to receive and process a huge amount of information to navigate in space, to distinguish between colors, objects give off light, see things up close and distant, and able to navigate in shineth not; yea time.

Frequent squinting eyes is the first tell-tale signs that you should pay attention to the level of vision, especially when it comes to children of early school age.

most often in adolescents manifest deviation in the way they see things up close and far distances so that the release of the concept: myopia and hyperopia.

If a child looks into the distance, squinting, then this is the first sign that he sees the object is not clear and blurry - this indicates that he may have begun the development of short-sightedness, the previously observant Aristotle called this illness myopia.

What is the short-sightedness and what are the causes of?From a medical point of vi

ew, myopia is considered to be a situation in which the cornea and lens refract light rays falling on the eye, forming the focus.

Focus point connection called the refracted rays fall on the retina, and when the image of an object in the distance - a blurred and fuzzy, and in extreme close light rays are reduced, and one sees clearly the subject - the focus is not located on the retina, but in front of her.

Paying attention to children with myopia - the causes are due to the different nature and, accordingly, have varied according to the degree of the scale, you can select the following types:

  • Mild myopia considered during 3 diopters;
  • Intermediate has 6.0 diopters;
  • high degree of vision occurs when more than 6.0 diopters.

What can affect the short-sightedness: the reasons for its development?

There are a number of legitimate reasons that affect our vision.In order to properly determine the level and degree of development of deviations, such as nearsightedness and farsightedness should be carefully checked and examined by an eye specialist - an ophthalmologist and not only him.

As is known, the reasons stem from specific results, therefore, may include the following abnormalities:

  1. smudged when viewing objects and staring at a great distance;
  2. blurred vision to blur;
  3. split line items, frequent blackout;
  4. set of small black dots appear, sharp, unpleasant light sensitivity;
  5. eye strain and fatigue them fast;

If these symptoms is available, it is immediately checked by a doctor.After the examination, it will be set true cause of visual impairment: a developing myopia in the initial stage, or else - sightedness.

Of the species of myopia should be allocated axial accommodation, which is considered a true myopia.Most often this type of myopia occurs after taking medication or people who are in a mature older age, as in this period decreased visual load.Change eye size and changing its shape.

have school-age children the true myopia is not so often characterized by pronounced as in the elderly, because of the time that the pupil is resting, his vision is restored.When the eyeball is not strained, his form is reduced and vision improved.

Therefore, quite often, doctors do not prescribe to children medication, and adherence to the correct mode.

Myopia: Causes of development are divided into the following features

  • weak structure of the dense outer protein shell eyes, passing in front of the cornea, which can not prevent active growth of the eye, as seen, that suffer from myopia people with big eyes;
  • When the conditions are not complied with proper illumination, as well as long-term operation of eyes, their intensity, long focussing on the subject, which is close to the eyes;
  • Hereditary predisposition to such deviations;
  • Poor performance of eye muscles, which is responsible for the adjustment of the lens to different distances, depending on the refraction of light rays, and as a result, strong overwork this muscle.

also highlighted progressive myopia, its development can occur slowly over the growth of the whole organism, in this case to be inconspicuous.Factors that cause the development of progressive myopia, mainly consist of the improper operation of the visual organs, frequent fatigue, the ecological environment.

Therefore, if a man said that he was disturbed sharpness visible objects at a great distance, he should consult a doctor who will prescribe the treatment of nearsightedness - Exercises to restore the previous level of view, it will be necessary to carry out systematically.

If the ophthalmologist has determined that there is nearsightedness and farsightedness in humans at the same time, most often in these cases, the doctor prescribes a survey in order to determine the angle of deflection.

then prescribe special glasses for myopia, capable of establishing a point of focusing the light rays, thanks to built-axial channel, due to the lens being in the rings, the regulatory phase of the movement of light waves.

Do not neglect the methods and treatments to ensure the correction of myopia in the initial stages of its development.Should visit an ophthalmologist, to observe the visual hygiene, do not forget the minute exercises for the eye rest.

performing simple rules, do not have to resort to radical methods of recovery: the wearing of special lenses, surgery, as well as uncomfortable glasses.

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