Inflammation of the tonsils : the treatment of the disease

If the wide open mouth, then in the mirror you can see the tonsils, they arranged for the language on both sides of the throat.More recently, it was thought that inflammation of the tonsils in children can be prevented, so they are in early childhood were removed surgically.

But now, doctors have come to the conclusion that they perform more defensive role and function of the barrier in contact with various viruses and bacteria in the body.Now if there is inflammation of the tonsils: treatment consists in the use of antibiotics.By surgical method is resorted to only in extreme cases (such as difficulty in breathing).

Symptoms and Causes

If you suspect that your child or you have an inflammation of the tonsils appears: its symptoms are: red, slightly swollen throat, pain when swallowing food, and sometimes even the saliva.Also, signs of such diseases can be:

  • increasing angina;
  • pain in the head;
  • fever;
  • swollen lymph nodes;
  • some hoarseness.

If a person has inflamed tonsils, it speaks of in

gestion of a virus or harmful bacteria.The meaning of the work of the tonsils is to detain them and convert to white cells.It is this process and can cause inflammation of the tonsils: the treatment of which is better to make immediately.If time does not help your body, sometimes the tonsils can not cope with the virus on their own, because of what occurs and tonsillitis.

Risk Factors

Tonsillitis is very common among children, so it can easily pass through airborne droplets.Accurately convey not the tonsillitis, as viruses and bacteria, it vyzyvayuschie.Deti in constant contact with their peers, so the probability of infection increases.

So, if there was inflammation of the tonsils: the causes of which are described above, do not panic - it is a very common and very dangerous disease, but in the absence of treatment can cause certain complications.Therefore, the presence of certain signs is better to seek medical help in the clinic: a sore throat lasts more than 2 days, it is constantly progressing, there is increased salivation, severe pain by drinking and eating.This clearly indicates inflammation of the lingual tonsil, the treatment of which is better not to procrastinate.

The clinic doctor carefully examine the condition of the tonsils themselves, as well as the throat.If he finds a very severe inflammation, the need to pass tests - smear mucous throat.If test results confirm the presence of tonsillitis, the doctor will prescribe certain antibiotics, which should help in the treatment.

Possible complications

If you let the course of the disease take its course, it can cause certain complications can occur even chronic inflammation of the tonsils, causing very little pleasant.Launched tonsillitis can cause the formation of pus, which usually accumulates between the tonsils.

Sometimes the abscess can be very serious, so the language and touch the sky, causing difficulty in breathing.Sometimes it happens that the abscess may spread to the neck.

tonsil inflammation Treatment

As noted above, tonsillitis treated with antibiotics.In addition, it is necessary to monitor and care for themselves independently.All the treatment need to rest, drink warm drinks, but in any case not hot.It is advisable at regular intervals gargle infusions or simply with salt water.


As a rule, adults usually never tonsils removed, but in some cases it is possible.More urgent surgical intervention is for children.The reasons for this may include the following points:

  • child tonsillitis more frequently (more than 6-7 times per year);
  • during illness occur with breathing problems;
  • formed an abscess.

worth noting that removal surgery performed on an outpatient basis, you have a child on the same day will return home.However, full recovery of the normal state of the body can take up to a couple of weeks.

The recovery period may hurt your ears, as the entire mucosa is inflamed.After the restoration of the child will be more susceptible to infectious diseases, as the tonsils have not, so the barriers to penetration of viruses and infections in the body anymore.

How to prevent?

The easiest way to prevent diseases - observance of elementary rules of personal hygiene: washing hands, cleaning the nose and the other stuff, to which the child is accustomed from an early age.

If in some cases the water is not available or soap, try to make sure that the child has been constantly with a damp cloth.This will help to protect the child from the unpleasant inflammation of the tonsils, as well as on a number of other diseases.

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