Removing the adenoids laser : pros and cons

In the human body all the elements are interconnected, and each of them carries out its important function.One of the most important functions of the organs - protection that prevents harmful bacteria to get inside the body.So, in order to protect our throat adenoids, which are intended to delay the harmful germs and bacteria, preventing them from getting deep into the body.

Sometimes, however, the massive accumulation of germs and bacteria on adenoids develop the disease called adenoids.This name implies an inflammation of the adenoids, which in medical terminology often referred to as adenoid vegetations or adenoid razrascheniya.Adenoids - quite a common disease in children.

adenoidectomy laser

Recently, comprehensive measures in the framework of the treatment of the adenoids are increasingly began to enter the laser therapy courses.Most people think that laser therapy is an alternative to surgery, and after carrying out the adenoids disappear completely.Anyway, that is how the clinic, working

with laser, claim in their advertising, stressing that adenoidectomy laser - a fast and effective procedure.

Now the indications for use of the laser in medicine is very wide.For instance, it has been found that laser facilitates the movement of blood in small blood vessels, the formation of a network of fine capillaries.In addition, the laser beam stimulates the regenerative processes in the body, repeatedly accelerating all the biochemical processes in the blood cells.

adenoids are removed through a variety of instruments, including, for these purposes often uses a laser.Although, at the moment the laser removal of the adenoids is not too common among specialized clinics, over time, this method is becoming increasingly popular.

If the use in the treatment of adenoiditis conservative methods do not produce the desired effect, held their surgery.After a detailed analysis of all the methods of such operations, which are used by modern medicine, it is possible to give preference to such a procedure, as the laser removal of the adenoids.First, the laser was used as the surgical tool is still in the early sixties of the last century.Today, modern laser devices, both domestic and imported, give excellent results.

Laser is a highly directional flux, which has long been used as an alternative to a scalpel surgical instrument.Therefore, if there is the question of when it is best to remove the adenoids and which method to choose it, it is better to get acquainted in detail with all the features of the procedure.In the field of otolaryngology laser began to be used around the seventies.

advantage of the method

The advantages of this method include the fact is that when using laser effects adenoidectomy are almost imperceptible to the patient.Thus, low-impact such a method - one of its major advantages, which also is attributed sterile procedure, a low risk of bleeding, which is achieved due to the peculiarities of the laser effects on the tissues of the body, the highest accuracy of procedures and the minimum recovery period.

is also worth noting that the very method in which a laser can remove adenoids, it allows virtually any patients with this disease.The laser itself has analgesic effect that allows you to perform adenoidectomy under local anesthesia, allowing the patient to remain awake during the surgery.With the rapid development of modern medical technology, the specialist himself can choose what type of device is more appropriate in each case.

example, vaporization of small adenoids is carried out using carbon dioxide laser.This procedure is also often referred to as laser adenoids, as part of its holding adenoids are not removed in the literal sense, but simply smoothed.

If adenoids are large, surgery is performed by coagulation using a directed focused beam that is directed from the adenoids body to its base.It is also possible interstitial destruction.Moreover, it is worth noting that not always have such a procedure.Adenoidectomy is performed under general anesthesia only in very severe cases, most used only local anesthesia.

also possible combination of traditional surgical and laser techniques.That is, under this first procedure performed adenoidectomy surgical using conventional tools, and the residues are altered tissue coagulation with laser.

application of laser for this operation ensures the highest purity of the nasal mucosa surface and prevents the recurrence of the disease.In this case, the operation itself and recover from it might be safe and low-impact as soon as possible, which confirms the long-term experience of doctors

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