The adenoids in children - a serious problem

As a rule, most of the adenoids in children treated surgically, which, incidentally, is not always necessary.Surgery to remove the adenoids is a rather harsh for a young child process, which by its painful sensations remembered for a lifetime.

Should I always use the surgery, or have the opportunity to do without them?To begin with, consider the several stages of the disease, and particularly in the treatment of each of them.


adenoids adenoids - a cluster of lymphoid tissue, which, as a general rule, is found only in children.Their function is slightly similar to the function of the tonsils - support the body's immune system, protect it from unnecessary bacteria.

But over time, they can play a cruel joke with the child: they grow, they accumulate a large number of microbes, and all sorts of harmful micro-organisms begin to multiply in the adenoids.Plus, adenoids in children, which have developed to such a form, begin to interfere with breathing, the air is no longer wetted and cleaned.

Adenoides 1 degree in children

total symptom in any degree of adenoids is the same - the child becomes difficult to breathe.Also manifestations of the disease are headaches, chronic apathy, fatigue after sleep, as well as hearing loss.As for the first-degree adenoids, this degree of development is the least dangerous and harmful to children.This means that during the day a child has no difficulty in breathing, while at night it becomes slightly larger, and it becomes difficult breathing child.However, while there is no more severe symptoms, such as snoring.

Sometimes it happens that at this stage the child becomes more difficult to say - especially when it comes to the night when the adenoids are enlarged itself.At this stage, treatment is possible by means of a variety of non-surgical nature, such as folk remedies, such as the treatment of propolis oil or treatment of oil arborvitae.

Adenoides 2 degrees

This stage of development is already more aggravated and complicated to treat.Child adenoids which are in a form that is already experiencing breathing difficulties constant, not only at night, but nevertheless still able to breathe through the nose.

During sleep, there is already a small snoring (snoring or even stronger - it depends on the natural structure of the nasopharynx).A child who has seen the disease of the second degree, is already beginning to breathe through the mouth, as breathing through the nose becomes too difficult, though - stress - is still possible.

At this stage you do not need traditional remedies, and the intervention of a competent Laura, who can prescribe powerful drugs that sometimes help to cope with adenoids.

Adenoides 3 degrees

This is the last stage of development, when the surgery is already inevitable, since they completely cover the nasopharynx.At night, as a rule, the child makes a lot of snoring while sleeping, and breathing takes place only through the mouth.

This differs from the third degree adenoids second degree - here the child can not breathe through the nose for all his desire.

Effective treatment of disease at different stages

Most often, doctors prescribe removal - this operation is called adenotomy.This appointment is a reason, because with age anyway adenoids atrophy, they do not exist in adults, so removal should go to the benefit of the sick child - the body gets rid of the huge "hotbed" of infection.

However, there is a huge lack of such operations - the adenoids can grow back, which is why there is a need for re-operation.Moreover, there is no guarantee that these two operations it will - they can hold more than three times, as required.And every surgery - this is a strong stress for the body, which is desirable as far as possible be avoided.

Sometimes the treatment of the first degree of the disease can turn to alternative medicine - such as homeopathy.Sometimes homeopathic remedies, selected competent homeopath, doing wonders that can not express the official medicine.

By the way, it should be remembered that many doctors give cause difficulty breathing child was his enlarged adenoids, not even by doing sensible diagnosis.Therefore, the removal should agree only when several doctors from various credible clinics, confirm the same diagnosis.

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