Removing the tonsils : the consequences

Tonsillectomy - a procedure of this kind, in which complications do not occur very often, because it is considered one of the most basic operations.

However, any surgery, including such simple and common, can have any negative consequences for the patient - either because of the characteristics of the patient, either because of surgeon error during operation.What consequences can be unfortunate operation?

Removing tonsils: the consequences, not requiring treatment

After surgery the body is under a lot of stress, especially when completely removed any part of it, which are the glands.Once removed the tonsils, often occurs such trouble as a very severe pain in the throat, which can last several weeks.Do not think that it means something bad for your body: just injured his throat still under stress after the intervention, and get used to his new status.Sometimes the pain can last for three or four weeks, so do not worry too much about it.

But if the pain continues for longer, then it is a serious

reason to consult a doctor for re-examination, since it is already a deviation from the norm.

Cutting glands leads to the fact that you lose body that previously performed certain functions, namely the protection of the body from all sorts of infections.

Unfortunately, you now much easier to pick up any viral disease, as your natural aides more than you do not protect.After that there may be pharyngitis or bronchitis which may last quite often - until the body can not rebuild your immune system so that he could defend himself, without the help of the tonsils.

particularly strong effects such expresses the removal of tonsils in children, characterized by poor health, but on the other hand, the child's body is much easier to restructure their internal systems than adults, which will be reconstructed in a new way long enough.Although it all depends on the source of human immunity and the body's ability to adapt.

glands removal operation frequently leads to the fact that the throat mucosa inflamed shell can quickly because of too cold beverages and food.This side effect is likely to take place over time, but some time after the surgery - sometimes quite long - should eat cold food and cold drinks in small amounts until the body does not get used.Sometimes, such a regime is necessary to adhere to all life.

Removing tonsils: implications requiring intervention of a physician

Unfortunately that occur are those side effects that require re-intervention of a physician or even a single operation.Especially this is fraught with removal of tonsils under local anesthesia: the fact that the patient should not talk to-day operations, but the next day is recommended to maintain maximum speech activity, so as not to have formed adhesions throat.However, the patient feels pain and is afraid to talk a little.

This shortage is deprived of tonsils removal under general anesthesia: the patient sleeps just one day, and the next day wake up and begin to speak freely, almost oblivious to the pain.However, general anesthesia has its dangers: general anesthesia is a very severe blow to the body, and the doctors do not usually recommend it be carried out when there is an alternative to the weaker, but also safer local anesthesia.Although the choice of anesthesia, if not fatal initially, there is always the patient.

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