How to treat inflammation of the tonsils

glandular fever - a disease that today is well-studied.Its causative agent is one of the many species of Streptococcus.

disease can be successfully treated with traditional medical preparations, if its run, it will move into the chronic form, which can lead to serious complications for the health.


If you have inflamed tonsils are likely to have weakened immune system.Statistics show that in children the disease occurs in 2 times more likely than adults.

glandular fever can also cause hypothermia, infection, that time has not cured, contact with a carrier of infection.

Symptoms of inflammation of tonsils

Enlarged tonsils of the child, combined with sharply increase the temperature - it is a sign for concern.In addition, the symptoms of this disease include sore throat, difficulty breathing, general health deterioration, severe weakness.

glandular fever, if it does not heal in time, can become a cause of serious pathologies: rheumatic heart disease, myocarditis, pyelonephritis.To preve

nt disease, it is necessary to carefully follow all recommendations of experts.

symptoms can be expressed and highly individual: they are, and pronounced, and "fuzzy."In some cases, symptoms can be seen only a week after infection, but there are times when all signs of "face" is already 4 hours after exposure.

Sore throat can also be different: mild or very severe.In addition, if the tonsils are swollen and inflamed the front wall of the pharynx, you will notice hoarseness.

You have all the symptoms of the disease, but you do not know how to treat swollen glands?Leave the advice of friends next time and do not use untested folk remedies.All you need to start to do - is to go to bed, drink warm, but not hot, tea, and call a doctor.

only after examine your throat specialist, he can prescribe appropriate treatment.When in doubt, you can also take a scraping from the pharynx to be analyzed for the presence of fungal infections.Still, in most cases, inflammation of the tonsils occurs due to streptococcal infection.

If you notice white plugs on the tonsils, you should know that this is just a plaque, which is formed due to the accumulation of white blood cells.Optionally, to remove them from there - just spend rinses with a special solution to 7 times a day.To prepare the dilute solution in a glass of water 1st.l.salt 1ch.l.soda and a few drops of iodine.This feature also serves to further the prevention of occurrence of traffic jams.

When angina may also disturb purulent tonsils.Jam with pus - this abscess, which usually have a closed character.Most likely, the causative agent of the disease has got the laryngeal membranes, where there is no exit pus.To diagnose purulent plugs simply enough.

In this state, you need to immediately begin treatment.Pus in the throat, with no opportunity to go out, can threaten the patient's life.Therefore, the presence of pus in the tonsils, in most cases they reveal with the help of a medical scalpel.Immediately after the surgery the patient's condition improves.

Subsequent treatment includes the use of antibacterial agents.Excellent help to rinse and irrigate dissected tonsils antibacterial solutions.During the period of treatment is not recommended to use rough and hot food - the cavity remaining after an abscess, should have time to go through the healing.

treatment of inflamed tonsils

Depending on how the illness and given the form of the spread of infection, the doctor should prescribe treatment.Only a specialist can tell you what to do if the increased tonsils, what and how much to take antibiotics, how to reduce the pain.

If you have pus in the throat, ask your doctor how to properly purge glands.The procedure of removing the pus can be performed independently at home.If it does not do, will have to remove the pus by means of surgical intervention.

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