Moderate pyelectasia pochki- Is this dangerous?

Under such a pathological condition as pyelectasia meant expansion of the renal pelvis.This disease is much more common in boys than in girls.Pathological changes can be minor (mild pyelectasia) and quite extensive.

This is important! Kidney disease, can affect pyelectasia as one (right-sided and left-sided pyelectasia) or both kidneys.Mild forms pyeloectasia most often disappear on their own, and heavy almost always require surgery.

What are the renal pelvis?

renal pelvis called a special cavity in which urine is collected.From pelvis urine enters the ureters, and which goes directly into the bladder.

pyeloectasia In appearance can affect genetic predisposition, as well as whether the adverse toxic effects on the mother and fetus during gestation. When on the road there is a natural flow of urine obstruction, the urine accumulates over this obstacle, this is what leads to the expansion of renal pelvis.

dangerous to the existence pyeloectasia?

This is important! moderate kidney pyelectasia, in m

ost cases, has no negative impact on the future health of the child.During pregnancy there is the disappearance of independent moderate expansion of the renal pelvis.

Availability pyeloectasia pronounced (more than 10mm) can talk about the progressive difficulty of outflow of urine from the kidney.This process is characterized by progressive pathological nature, resulting in atrophy of renal tissue, and reduce compression of kidney function.

It should be noted, and the fact that the violation of the outflow of urine is often complemented by the addition of pyelonephritis (kidney inflammation), it significantly impairs health.

it necessary to conduct a survey of the child after the birth for the presence pyeloectasia? moderate kidney pyelectasia most children spontaneously disappears amid growing organs and urinary system.

With moderate during pyeloectasia enough to hold regular ultrasound every 3 months after the birth of the baby.

When you join a bacterial infection requires the use of antibiotics.

With the progression degree pyeloectasia shown more detailed urological examination.

also have the surgery, which eliminates a barrier to the flow of urine.Certain surgeries successfully performed using endoscopic techniques - without open surgery, used tiny tools that are entered directly through the urethra.

What should be alerted?

During the US) there is a characteristic change in size of the pelvis (before and after urination):

  • pelvis size usually reaches or exceeds 7 mm;
  • pelvis size has changed over the years.

Information about possible complications

  • atrophy of kidney tissue;
  • pyelonephritis;
  • decreased renal function;
  • kidney sclerosis (a condition characterized by the withering away of kidney tissue).

Therapy kidney pyeloectasia

Tactics of treatment determined exclusively by a specialist - a urologist, the selection of treatment is based on the results of the research.In

This is important! main task is to address the underlying causes of the disease.

Particular attention should be paid to prevention pieloektazii- compliance guidelines during pregnancy, and limit the use of the liquid, as well as full and timely treatment of related diseases.It is much easier to prevent the development of pathological process, rather than after a long and painful struggle with various complications.

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