Nutrition and diet in diabetes

Diabetes - a disease associated with insulin deficiency or insulin resistance with (resistance to insulin) tissues of the body.In poor development of insulin by the pancreas talk about diabetes first type, with insulin-dependent diabetes - the second type of the disease.In both cases the level of glucose in the blood increased.Diet in diabetes diabeteprizvana maintain optimal blood sugar levels and restore normal metabolism.

Principles power diabetic

Proper nutrition in diabetes - the key to well-being and improve the quality of life of patients.Diabetic diet should help to maintain a constant level of glucose in the blood, preventing it surges, provide sufficient caloric content and a high content of essential nutrients.

When diabetes is recommended:

  • frequent split meals.Eating at least 4-5 times a day in small portions, not making big breaks between meals.
  • same number of calories and carbs consumed with meals, avoid spikes in blood sugar levels.
  • limited intake of carbohydrates and sugar ban i
    n its pure form, pastries and sweets.Acceptable use sugar substitutes.
  • carbohydrates Norma gather additionally by vegetables, unsweetened fruit, cereals, dietary grain products, ie, products that contain fiber in large quantities.
  • Reduce the consumption of fats, fried foods, rich broths.
  • Enter an increased rate of protein.The body needs amino acids to repair damaged tissue, so the protein diet in diabetes helps to provide the necessary building blocks of cells.
  • Eat more foods containing vitamins A, C, B for the prevention of disease, typical for patients with diabetes.

To account for the carbohydrates there is a special unit - XE (bread unit), which is equal to '12 carbohydrates.Main meals (lunch, dinner, breakfast) shall include no more than 7 XE, snacks - a maximum of 1 XE.

Diet therapy in diabetes

diet for diabetics - the most important part of treatment, used alone or in combination with drugs to lower blood sugar.Compliance with the diet - a necessary and long-term measure, which, ideally, should be a way of life.In most cases, the patient shows a therapeutic diet "table โ„–9ยป.

When powered by "nine" are excluded from the diet:

  • strong broths, fatty meat products, sausages, salted fish;
  • fancy pastries;
  • fatty, sweet or salty cheeses and dairy products;
  • rice, pasta, semolina;
  • pickles and marinades, fatty sauces;
  • pure sugar in the composition of foods and beverages;
  • fruits with high glycemic index, dried fruits.

allowed soups light broths, lean meats, dairy products with low fat, bread and cereals, legumes, vegetables, unsweetened fruit, sweets on the sweetener.

diet โ„–9 used for a moderate course of diabetes.A bit different approach requires insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus: diet, combined with treatment with insulin is different from the ninth table increased protein content and particularly stringent compliance.

In addition to restrictions on fats and "bad" carbohydrates, this diet has its own requirements:

  • limited salt;
  • food should not irritate the gastrointestinal tract (comfortable temperature, not rude, not spicy);
  • observed amount of starchy foods (same every day);
  • intake of carbohydrates should be correlated with the curve of the action of insulin.

Violation of these rules is dangerous for patients with insulin-dependent and can cause a sharp jump sugar or, on the contrary, hypoglycemia.You should strictly relate to diet during gestational diabetes in pregnant women.There is at stake is not only the expectant mother's health, but also the normal development of the child.

If diabetes is first recognized during pregnancy, it is important with the help of proper nutrition to prevent its progression.This will keep the disease "under the" without the use of insulin preparations.Diet for gestational diabetes physician selected individually, as in pregnancy are many factors to consider.

Diabetes and overweight

diabetes and overweight - frequent companions.Weight loss positive effect on the state of patients: the second type of diabetes, it increases the sensitivity of tissues to insulin.

With a large weight to throw off even a few kilograms brings noticeable relief.For the treatment of obesity there is a special diet - Table โ„–8.It is aimed at health food weight loss without taking into account co-morbidities by normalizing metabolism.The effect is achieved by reducing caloric intake, cut down the "fast" carbohydrates and animal fats on the background of normal consumption of protein products.Also introduced the restriction of salt, liquid seasoning.8 Diet in diabetes diabetepomimo weight loss and has some therapeutic effect, since in many ways consistent with the principles of proper nutrition of diabetics.

usual "shock" low-calorie diet in diabetes is not recommended.They are poorly tolerated by diabetics, an unbalanced diet does not contain a sufficient level of patient needed nutrients and vitamins, but because of too sudden restrictions and irregularities in supply may occur hyper- or hypoglycemia.

example, the popular diet based on buckwheat, are often recommended for quick weight loss, including diabetics, could be harmful to the body of the patient.Power over 1 -2 weeks exclusively steamed buckwheat and for a healthy person is not very useful.However, during this time, people who are overweight lose between 7 and 12 kg of fat, so it can be justified under strong obesity, short-term use of such power.Buckwheat is not prohibited in the diabetic diet: it is considered one of the most useful due to the high content of fiber, which helps cleanse the body and prevents the rapid absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream.Buckwheat diet for diabetes can be used only with the permission of the doctor, as well as any other treatments.

Ducane diabetes

One of the most effective anti-diabetic diets is a high-protein diet Pierre Duc.Dyukanovskoe power allows you to stop the development of prediabetic condition and improve insulin tolerance organism.First of all, the menu includes non-starchy vegetables and proteins with low fat: non-fat dairy products, lean meat, seafood and eggs.

Ducane Diet in diabetes diabetevtorogo type:

  • normalize glycemia due to the presence in the diet only "good" carbohydrates;
  • helps reduce cholesterol by low-fat food;
  • minimizes the risk of high blood pressure due to salt restriction;
  • improves the permeability of tissues to insulin.

diet is effective in diabetes is greatly enhanced by the introduction of at least a minimum of physical activity: morning exercise, walking, swimming - the types of exercises that do not give too much load on the body of patients with overweight.

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