Gynecomastia : the operation and all the stages of surgical treatment

such problem as gynecomastia familiar to many men.Specialists studying this problem, allocate false gynecomastia, in which the breast is increased due to excess fat deposits in the area, and the true - its development is due to proliferation of the glandular tissue.The most common so-called mixed gynecomastia, in which the breasts are getting bigger due to both of these factors.

Unfortunately, gynecomastia man brings a lot of inconvenience and experiences.But modern medicine can offer to people with this problem very effective method - the removal of gynecomastia by surgery.Of course, there are conservative methods of treatment, but they are not as effective in severe cases.Determine how to cure gynecomastia can only qualified physician.

What you need to know?

Surgical treatment of this pathology as gynecomastia has been used for a long time and is considered the industry standard.However, it is not always carried out - the early stages, and it is enough to conservative treatment.If gynecomastia appe

ared at the teenager, the operation is not done in two years, since during this time often manifestations of the disease disappear.

The goal of surgery is to restore the normal shape of breast, excision of glandular and fatty tissue.If gynecomastia suffers an elderly man, he may need more and removing excess skin.But young people, whose skin is still in good tone, such a procedure is not normally required.

What if gynecomastia?

It is worth noting that the most effective method of treatment of this pathology as gynecomastia - the operation cost, which may vary slightly in different clinics.If a man is found in his gynecomastia symptoms, it is necessary to consult specialists such as surgeon and endocrinologist.You also need to be tested for blood levels of hormones and undergo ultrasound examination of both mammary glands.

Upon receipt of all the results the physician should explain to the patient in detail what kind of operation he will have and what results from it should be expected.Also, the surgeon is obliged to inspect the breast in order to determine what is the ratio of glandular and fatty tissue.It will depend on the method of surgery.To get rid of the false gynecomastia and liposuction is enough, but the solution of such problems as the true gynecomastia - operation with the removal of the breast tissue through a very small incision paraareolyarnogo.

Preparation for surgery

If your doctor has determined that the only way to get rid of this problem as gynecomastia - operation: the value of which is quite high, it is necessary to properly prepare for it.First of all, you need to start taking vitamins, try to eat right, to include in your daily diet products such as meat, vegetables, fish and fruit.A couple of weeks before surgery is necessary to exclude smoking.

For some time before the operation it is necessary to choose and purchase a compression garment that will have to wear for about three weeks after the conference.Since surgery requires general anesthesia, the patient's stomach should be no liquid food or medicines.So, on the day of the operation nothing you can eat, drink, and be prohibited to take drugs and, of course, smoking.

On the day of surgery, the patient should be washed using an antibacterial soap.Then the doctor will determine the parameters of the chest, and her photographs.Then the surgeon puts on the skin marking using marker.

Generally, when such a problem as gynecomastia in men: the operation - the price, which may vary in different clinics, sometimes the only method of treatment.That is why to obtain a good result the patient should take maximum responsibility to the stage of preparation.

process surgery

operation lasts about one and a half hours.First, the surgical field is treated with alcohol and then impose a special surgical linen.Thereafter, the surgeon starts to work.

Liposuction is performed by puncturing a diameter of two millimeters.To remove the excess skin, the nipple is moved up, the excess skin is cut off, and in the nipple area is barely noticeable scar.If the cause of gynecomastia was the glandular tissue, the operation is performed by paraareolyarnogo cut.By using this method it is possible to avoid the formation of scars on the skin

After surgery

Usually, gynecomastia disappears after surgery.To recovery was rapid, it is necessary to follow a few simple rules:

  • not smoke for at least a couple of weeks;
  • not take medication, blood thinners for about 14 days;
  • three weeks, you need to wear a compression garment;
  • 21 days not to engage in sports;
  • about 7 days did not raise his hands high.

pain usually is weak, it will help get rid of analgesics.If all is well, then the next day, a man may be discharged from the hospital.Complications are rare, usually only in elderly patients.Sometimes it is possible to reduce the sensitivity of the nipple or some asymmetry of the breast.

One of the most important aspects of the clinic of choice for such treatment as an operation to remove gynecomastia - the price.But you should pay attention to the reputation of the doctors on their experience, as well as testimonials of people who were treated in this clinic.Only with this approach can count on the fact that gynecomastia no longer cause any concern.

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