In some cases, there is gangrene in diabetes ?

One of the most common diseases at present is diabetes.He appears as a result not of a balanced diet, eating sweet, congenital predisposition and other causes.

One of the most common and dangerous complication is gangrene in diabetes or in other words necrosis of tissues.What happens as a result of disorders of the peripheral nervous system and the blockage of the blood vessels?

Symptoms and signs

disease with gangrene of the lower limbs are affected more often than others, but there are such cases, when suffering and upper limbs (mainly hands).The main reason for the development of gangrene - the destruction of the lower extremity arteries.The most dangerous is the loss of small vessels, which are on the shin level.When such issues held high amputation.

One of the options for development - it is lightning, when it happens fast vein thrombosis.Gradually developing gangrene occurs in acute ischemia.During the development of ischemic symptoms such as redness, then cyanosis, pallor after the affecte

d fingers or toes, loss of sensation, sharp pain and loss of motion.Gangrene is a dead body.

Unfortunately, the statistics speak for themselves - 80% of patients die as a result of gangrene.Many wonder what treatment gangrene in diabetes is the best?What will bring the desired result?

Indeed, how to identify the signs of gangrene in diabetes?

signs of gangrene in diabetes are such:

  • appearance of edema.
  • Frequent tingling in the legs.
  • Feet constantly cold.
  • foot deformities, changes its structure.
  • In some areas, redness or paleness of skin.
  • Change the nail plate: the emergence of fungal diseases, or thickening of the reduction in size, the color change.

Dry gangrene in diabetes occurs when poor circulation.Usually people who suffer from this disease are dehydrated.Since tissue damage happens slowly enough, the skin is wrinkled and have time to change their color mainly in dark brown or sometimes even black.Over time, it becomes dense.

At the beginning of the disease there is severe pain, then the color change on the affected skin area.After that, the skin begins to turn white, and soon becomes "marble", becomes cold and there is a partial numbness of the legs and the sensitivity is lost.Usually during gangrene tissue necrosis occurs when absorption of toxic substances into the bloodstream.

As a result, the body suffers.But with dry gangrene absorption takes place, but not great.It does not affect adversely on the body.

How to treat?

And so, gangrene treatment of diabetes requires:

  1. feet Contents clean.
  2. Performing foot massage and a special charge.
  3. Continuous monitoring of glucose levels.
  4. Perform special techniques to restore the disturbed circulation.
  5. relevant and timely treatment of ingrown nails, cracks, sores, blisters, as well as fungal diseases.

goal of treatment of gangrene in diabetes is aimed at improving the cardiovascular system and the confrontation and struggle with intoxication.For this purpose, administered intravenously, subcutaneously, intramuscularly, taken orally rather large volumes of liquid antibiotics, glucose, cardiac agents, blood products, blood transfusions and plasma.Necrotic tissue to be removed must!When dry gangrene are trying to postpone the operation until the full limit of the dead tissue after the tissue is removed, that the dead.

And so, we found that gangrene - it is a dangerous complication of diabetes, it is very difficult to cure, but it can and prevent.To be healthy you need to look after their health.But everything is not always possible to trace, so you must always monitor their health.What will help you to stay healthy.Sometimes we think about the value of our health until get sick than ever.But consider what would happen if we turned to the doctor is not due to illness, and just for prevention.Then we will be healthy for a lot longer!

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