Gynecomastia : treatment at home and clinical settings

This pathology as gynecomastia - is not uncommon.Many men, faced with this problem, do not know how to get rid of gynecomastia.To help in this case can only qualified physician, who, after diagnosis, can prescribe adequate treatment aimed not only at the manifestations of this symptom, but on its cause.

Causes of gynecomastia

The causes of this disease may be different.The increase in size of the mammary glands is testosterone deficiency in men, as well as a large number of female hormones (estrogen).In some cases the cause of the disease may be excessive flow of substances similar in structure to human estrogen organism with food (beer).

Therefore gynecomastia is more common during the hormonal changes that occur in the body, that is, in newborns, adolescents and the elderly.It is also often the cause of development of this pathology are diseases such as testicular tumors, adrenal, lung, stomach, pancreas, and primary hypogonadism.

also cause gynecomastia may receive steroids by athletes, carrie

d about bodybuilding.Admission drug also stimulates the development of this pathology.Often detect and gynecomastia in men suffering from obesity, in which case it is called false.Symptoms of the disease

Perhaps everyone should know about how to determine gynecomastia.First of all, this abnormality is determined visually.After all, the mammary glands can be increased to ten centimeters in diameter, and this increase is not always symmetrical.

may also be a nipple pain, feeling of constant itching and burning sensation in the area.

Gynecomastia: pathology diagnostics

Only a qualified doctor can determine the presence of gynecomastia and its stage of development.If we talk about what kind of doctor treats gynecomastia, it should be noted the following specialists:

  • surgeon;
  • oncologist;
  • urologist;
  • endocrinologist;
  • mammolog.

doctor will careful inspection, find out the causes of disease, prescribe tests, chest x-ray, breast ultrasound and, if necessary, computed tomography of the adrenal glands.

Gynecomastia treatment and its features

treatment of this pathology is aimed primarily at eliminating the causes that caused it, as well as the elimination of the main symptoms - increase in size of the mammary glands.The methods of treatment based on the results of the inspection and investigation should identify the doctor.Methods of treatment can be both conservative and surgical.

worth noting that pubertal gynecomastia occurring in adolescents, treatment is usually not needed.It runs its own within about one and a half - two years after the occurrence.But with such pathology as a false gynecomastia treatment should be directed weight correction.Sometimes in severe cases, liposuction is required.

gynecomastia treatment at home

Gynecomastia - it is a disease that usually can be treated without hospitalization.Conservative methods give good results if the disease was not much running.

cure for gynecomastia should regulate the content of the patient's blood estrogen and testosterone.If a man has revealed a lack of testosterone, then it shows the use of testosterone preparations.If the patient's blood in many estrogens, it must take anti-estrogen drugs.

testosterone drugs are very effective in hypogonadism.But when teenage gynecomastia such medications are effective is not always.And the anti-estrogen drugs (Tamoxifen) are able to block the effects of estrogen on the breast and other areas.Among the drugs most commonly used is Tamoxifen, since it, unlike other drugs from the same group has the fewest side effects.

Treatment surgical methods

Surgeons Help, a person suffering from gynecomastia, is required in the event that the disease was already running strongly, and no effect was not on medication.During the operation, surgeons remove the breast tissue.And the kinds of such operation, there are several.Which method to choose surgery physician decides together with the patient.

operations can be carried out both in a false, and in true gynecomastia.After surgeons remove not only their own breast tissue, and fat, which help to increase breast size.The following types of transactions:

  1. Simple mastectomy.It involves removal of the breast with the nipple-areola complex.Now this method is almost never used because of the fact, which leads to significant cosmetic defects;
  2. subcutaneous mastectomy.It is the removal of the breast by paraareolyarnogo cut.This surgery allows complete save as nipple and areola;
  3. Removing breast through a small incision paraareolyarnogo with liposuction (to restore the normal contour);
  4. endoscopic mastectomy.This type of surgery is performed if the breast has a relatively small size.

So, with such common diseases as gynecomastia treatment: the cost, which may be different, performed a variety of methods.Only a qualified doctor, after an inspection, and other diagnostic procedures, is able to determine exactly which method of treatment to choose.Therefore, the person who found in the features of this disease, it is not necessary to delay the advice of a qualified professional.After all, the faster will be delivered accurate diagnosis and pathogenetic therapy, the sooner a full recovery.

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