How to care for Petunia : planting, care for seedlings , fertilizer , flowering

Petunia - a familiar flower in the flower beds, in pots and window boxes.Petunias are very diverse in color color, flower shape and type of bushes.Petunia flowers painted in a variety of colors, ranging from white to dark purple, almost black flowers.And best of all, that the petunia blooms all summer and most of the fall, almost until frost.

Florists tend to grow on its balconies and flower beds of petunias, which until late autumn delight the eye with lush flowering.There are many hybrids petunia: ampelnye and erect, small bushes with double and simple flowers, shoots with flowing wavy or ruffles.But they all require proper care.

With proper care for Petunia, you will have a blooming flower bed a long time.How to care for petunias in the home so that it bloomed all summer?

How to plant a petunia

To speed up the flowering period, petunia seedlings are planted.

When the seeds are sown, remove a box with the seeds in a warm place and cover with foil.When the first shoots put a box in a brigh

t place, but do not remove the film.Watering young seedlings better from a spray, so as not to wash fruit.Pay close attention to soil moisture.Strong damp earth ruining petunia.

After the appearance of the first pair of true leaves petunia seated.

Seedlings Feeding the well.

In early May, the seedlings can already be planted in the ground, of course, if the warm weather.

Seedlings better not to plant on a hot day.Plants are planted at a distance of about 20 cm from each other.

Care flowering Petunia

What care is needed during the flowering petunias?, You should regularly loosened to good petunia bloomed around her soil.Make sure that the ground was wet.Plants are well fed every 10-15 days.Typically, a complex mineral fertilizer.

If petunias too long shoots, then it is better to shorten, then the bushes will be more lush.Remove the faded flowers - this will allow the new buds appear.

petunias, like all other plants, for a good build-up of green mass and to form a plurality of strong flowers need nutrients, minerals and trace elements, regardless of whether these flowers growing in the open ground in the garden, in the balcony boxes or hangingpots and baskets.

In order to provide the plant with all the necessary nutrients, can be mixed with the soil of long-acting special fertilizer that will constantly provide petunias all the necessary minerals and trace elements.

Since June, the plants should be fed complex liquid fertilizer for flowering plants, adding them to the water, it will increase the profusion of flowering and the intensity of the color of flowers and leaves.

Petunia is unpretentious and very little care it will provide an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful blooms.Petunia is very thermophilic and light-requiring, consider this landing.Petunia calmly tolerate drought, but flowering ceases in this case, so do not forget to water it, but did not fill, otherwise the plants will get sick.

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