Violets them and care : where to put and how to water which need temperatures

Very often you can hear that the violets and care for them - a very troublesome thing.It is because of this many refuse to start at home on a window sill.Let them and capricious, but they are beautiful!To make room violets grew and were not ill, we will give you some tips on caring for potted violets.

To date, flower shops are filled with a huge number of varieties of these "simpotyazhek" that are adapted to live in your apartment.

What temperature is needed for the cultivation of violets?

Violets require a stable temperature.We must protect them from sudden changes in temperature and from the drafts.The optimal temperature is 16-20 degrees.

With the onset of winter, remove the pots from the window sills in a warm place.If you do not adhere to this condition, the color of plant leaves begin to brighten, petioles will lengthen.If hypothermia often continues, then the plant becomes weak and dies.

Where to put the violets in the apartment

Potted violets love light.With his lack of a flower

may not bloom.Do not keep it in the sun, the consequence may be yellow spots, which can then turn into a hole.If time to rearrange the flower, it can still be saved, but the appearance has not changed.

How to properly irrigate violets

Watering must be careful.Do not spill water on the leaves, it is disastrous for them.Use warm water, cold can kill a plant, minimal damage - yellow spots on the leaves.

High humidity Violet suits.Do not spray water on the leaves, as in the summer, this leads to burn-off.In winter, the plant drops more quickly freezes.can be placed between the pots filled with water to increase humidity.

Fertilizing in the spring and summer.

How to repot

violets violets The transplant does not need it, you can think about it only when the roots have occupied all the space of the pot.Multiply by a violet leaves.Comes off a healthy leaf, sadite into the soil, the roots are formed in a month.

Care of these colors is not as difficult as talking about it, so if you did not venture out to make this delicate flower, plant, but do not forget tips on care.


Many sites and in magazines can be read that violets can not be washed and spray - not true.Can.It's also flowers - flowers that originally were not born in the pots and grew naturally in the open air, under normal weather conditions - rain, wind, etc.

Therefore, when the leaves turn pale violets from the dust, it is necessary to bear flowers in the bathroom, turn on the shower to wash and violets, washing away the dirt.

jet shower, wash the leaves of violets should be not strong and warm.

After showering flowers should be left in the bath until all the water has drained, the leaves are dry.All success will come to naught, if you put the wet violets in the sun or bright light - spots appear on the leaves.Every year, you need to change the land violets and put them back in the same pots.

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