What can cause headaches and hallucinations

Sergey asks:

What experts are engaged in such a condition?20 years ago I had a traumatic brain injury (7 hours without consciousness).A year ago, started having headaches, have fallen into the constant.In September, there were unscrupulous foreign voices, the neurologist sent to a therapist, has already passed the 4 months of treatment.1.5 Months ago voices seem to have disappeared, but after 10 days again appeared.The doctor, I said that everything is good there is no vote, sent to the Commission, gave a group of 3 on a common disease.But the head and pain, and, with strong and hallucinations persist.What do I do now and still refer to what doctor?Especially since I have close to 60 years.


Sergei Mikhailovich, many patients in need of a traditional mental health care because of some senseless fears and prejudices imposed by society, are afraid to go to a psychiatrist, even if it matured very significantcauses.Here the therapist - is another matter, it is fashionable today, and in p

articular does not oblige to anything.And people prefer to suffer and fight alone against windmills: where can receive specialized medical care, quality and be treated to get rid of harassing the state, bring themselves to exhaustion.

In serious cases with the help of psychotherapy but not really cope with mental health problems, especially if the physical disorder in the face.You is likely to present and only postpones the guy qualified help in time.Hide from the psychiatrist hallucinations and so-called "voice" is meaningless, because the sooner you will be provided with specialized care, medical preparations are correct, the faster you get rid of intrusive voices and most likely from a headache, too.

Alleged diagnosis of online writing is unethical, especially because there is no way to conduct a visual inspection of the medical, get acquainted with the history and your medical history.

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