A child diagnosed with rectal dyskinesia

Anna asks:

Hello, my baby 5 months and he suffers from constipation with two weeks of his life.nothing intelligible Doctors do not say, or rather do not say how to treat ... We have diagnosed a dyskinesia rectum.The doctor ordered us to drink only Duphalac, he helps us, if only to give 15ml, in the morning on an empty stomach, just as we go to the toilet and.I always go to our pediatrician, ask her to appoint any treatment, examination, but it tells us only one thing, brave, have patience, and all.And we have an excess of the gallbladder.I would very much like what you would advise us, how to be treated and in general this disease may be cured, or my child will always go to the toilet only with a laxative?I just I can not watch my kid tormented, day and night crying, legs hit.In advance thank you very much!


Anna, your pediatrician partly right about patience.If your baby is diagnosed dyskinesia thick (but not direct, as you write) guts to deal with constipation will not be easy.In a

ddition to traditional medicinal laxatives that you appoint a pediatrician, you must strictly follow the correct feeding of the child, must be present in the diet foods that promote the proper functioning and bowel.Just for such a child is crucial quiet environment, eliminating stress factors.

Unfortunately, you do not describe everything in detail, and most importantly - Is your baby breast feeding.It is very important.

When breastfeeding is necessary to balance first your diet: in the diet should prevail dairy products, fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantities, bread (only from the varieties of wheat flour!), Cereals other than rice, vegetable oils, and plenty of fluids.Lure, since five months of age, is introduced gradually, and should consist mainly of cereals (mainly - corn and buckwheat) and vegetable puree.

same artificial feeding should be balanced the content of protein and fat.There are specialized dairy blend with lactose, or gum.

There are many methods of therapeutic feeding of children with such a diagnosis, but it is important not just to know about these methods, and strictly implement them.Basic principles - the exclusion from the diet, excessive consumption of fats and proteins that inhibit intestinal motility, dietary fiber enrichment, normalization of intestinal microflora using pre- and probiotics.

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