Prevention of kidney disease , the organization of major events and their use

kidneys - is the most important organ of the human body.They are responsible for filtering the blood, purifying it of harmful components.When infectious pathologies is kidney perceive the brunt and try to bring pathogens, so the prevention of kidney disease is an important step in preserving human health.

This is important!

In the kidney the synthesis of nutrients required for the body to work - hormones, vitamin D. Kidney disease usually have asymptomatic beginning, so the treatment has already begun in chronic flow.Kidneys women suffer more often.

recommendations of prevention

human kidneys can not tolerate the cold and lack of motor activity.The fishermen or tourists who often sit on the cold ground, often develop inflammation of the kidneys.Also it is necessary to abandon the long stay in cold water, dress warmer in damp and cold weather.

negative impact on kidney health a constant overheating, which causes dehydration, dry them and disrupts water-salt metabolism, which prevents the body prop

erly cleaned.

Do not carry heavy physical exertion, such as lifting weights, jumping, or sudden intense long run.All this can cause drooping buds.

bad for the kidneys excess salt intake, because it is the kidneys are responsible for its excretion from the body.At the same time food insufficient salting better than to overdo.The most harmful for salty foods are canned kidney, chips and some sort of salty cheese.But the absence of salt, too, does not affect positively.It is recommended to use about 5 grams of salt per day.

kidneys do not cope with excess consumption of animal protein, especially with respect to grilled meat.Proteins are not deposited in the human body, are not cleaved to water and carbon dioxide as compared with fats and carbohydrates.Excess proteins decompose and form urea, creatinine and uric acid, which increases the burden on the kidneys.

kidneys suffer from excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, as they irritate the urinary organs and make them work as actively as possible.Also, smoking is harmful - it can lead to kidney failure.

chronic infectious foci adversely affect the kidneys, chronic form of tonsillitis, sinusitis, frequent colds, bad teeth forcing them out of the body remains of vital activity of microbes and toxins.With the defeat of inflammatory diseases of the body of 70 - 80% of the bacteria get into the blood through the kidneys and provoke their inflammation.

also need to be wary of accepting drugs.They are remnants of the kidneys, as antipyretics and analgesics significantly weaken the kidneys.

Alternative medicine for the prevention of kidney

disease has long been known that in order to treat many pathologies, maintenance of the human body immune system uses essential oils.Gentle massage of the lumbar region with the addition of a few drops of patchouli oil helps to eliminate inflammation.Bath with bergamot can help relieve pain and spasms in cystitis.

To maintain kidney health, elimination of inflammation can be used spices, namely juniper berries.Two or three berries should be crushed into powder and use before meals.

For kidney is very useful exercise as stretching the back.

According to information provided by Oriental medicine, the kidneys are responsible for fertilization and reproductive ability of a person of vitality.With the participation of the kidneys in the body is formed and the liquid circulates - sweat.The saliva, mucus, plasma, etc.At malfunction of the body develops blurred vision and hearing.Healthy kidneys are a source of intelligence and creative power.

This is important!

To maintain kidney health should always take special examinations and not to delay treatment in detecting kidney disease, because timely treatment can help prevent further progression of the disease diagnosed.

in the treatment of prevention of renal pathologies occupies a special place welcome herbal remedies, which at the involvement in the complex therapy enhance the effectiveness of the influence of other means to reduce the risk of seasonal recurrence of the disease, which happens to be in the fall or spring.

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