Lithotripsy Kidney : the safety of and contraindications

urolithiasis tried to treat a variety of ways in ancient times.It does not always work to find some solution, because the stones are out on their own or were given severe peripheral complications.The best methods that are non-medical, can be called a special diet and maintaining a variety of receiving various tinctures and decoctions.However, the cause or remove the stone itself so unreal.This requires more effective methods.

Before the advent of contactless equipment allowing no incisions and surgical procedures to make the extraction of stones, patients were forced to endure significant inconveniences associated with the surgery itself, rehabilitation period and the likelihood of complications after him.The formation of stones in the urinary organs is observed in the middle and younger age categories, who are in the risk zone of the renal structures for the elderly and babies increased the likelihood of stones in the ureters and bladder.

This is important! self-treat or run nephrolithiasis is not re

commended because it can cause a variety of complications, does not allow for the use of lithotripsy procedure.

main modern and the most optimal method, which produces treatment is lithotripsy kidney.Its advantages include a shorter recovery period, shorter duration of pain after the procedure, low cost compared with other methods, as well as a smaller number of possible complications.Lithotripsy recommended to produce, if it allows the chemical composition of stones, as well as their size is in the range of 5 - 25 mm.

The main contraindications, in which use is not recommended to remove the stones lithotripsy, the most common restrictions on height and weight of the patient.If the mass of more than 130 kilograms and growth beyond 1-2 meters range, the procedure is likely to be refused.Also not recommended for the manipulation of people who have heart disease or poor blood clotting.Pregnant women lithotripsy kidney stones even prohibited because of the potential harm to the fetus.

reason for refusal can also be sharpened chronic pyelonephritis at the time of surgery, diseases of the joints and bones.Other diseases that are classified as contraindications are the following: impaired renal function, the presence of tumor in the body, the acute stage of gastric disease, or intestinal tract, spinal deformity, menstruation, increased flatulence and obesity, aortic aneurysm, stones in the urethra, the existence of records of received incomplications from similar procedures, or purulent inflammation.

This is important! necessary to pass all the tests that will help determine the presence of any disease or disprove all of the above list.

Existing techniques which produced remote lithotripsy

The basic principles of this procedure is that there is no need for surgery to the body and less painful sensations in all phases.The operation of the device is aimed influence of shock waves with short pulses directly on the stone.Thus, they are able to grind it to the size which will not cause discomfort when removing naturally excreted.

Today there are several types of treatment:

  1. Electro-technique;
  2. piezoelectric principle of impact;
  3. electromagnetic influence on the stones.

This is important! With preliminary ultrasound or X-ray examination to determine the exact location of the stone, which is then displayed by one of these methods.

One of the most popular methods is considered remote lithotripsy kidney ureter stones when located outside the patient through the instrument precisely directed at the stone shock waves.In contact mode tool for waves of radiation directly into the body, and the stones get a direct impact on them.This method is well suited for removing stones in the bladder or urethra.Thus, compared to the remote procedure, the contact will be more effective.

When electro energy waves to affect electricity is removed from the evaporated water.The electromagnetic pulse pattern direction is carried out mirror system.This method is more complex, and quite effective.It is based on the production of the magnetic field by passing current through the winding.Then the membrane is built into the instrument will play a certain oscillation frequency with the direction of the shock wave calculus.

piezoelectric device basically comprises a plurality of piezoelectric crystals freaked ball segment.As a result of their specific orientation and current characteristics are desired the corresponding shock pulses.With the help of ultrasound scanner waves are focused on the stone.All procedures are made using local anesthesia in the field.

latest technology - laser lithotripsy kidney

Today, the most advanced and modern methods of removal of stones of different size and location in the urinary system is laser lithotripsy kidney.In this method, the perfect combination of laser treatment and endoscopy.The principle of this procedure is to take stock of concretions through the ureter to the endoscope introduced through the urethra.The laser light stone does not crumble and does not hurt, and it contributes to melting.

Compared to the shock-wave counterparts, this technique is more advanced and safe, and is made with less soreness.Popularity, which has lithotripsy kidney stones, is so great that in many clinics in the world today continue to study it and, on the basis of the results, producing a more advanced and innovative technology.

main advantage of this device is more effective in complex cases when large stones sizes and location of the complex.For a full treatment procedure can only be a limit.The main advantage of the laser can also highlight the perfect elimination of even the smallest fragments of the destroyed stone, which in many cases are able to once again turn into a small rock formations.

This is important! After laser extraction of stone, most often, the disease is no longer giving relapse.Small particles of stones are eliminated due to the melting technique education.

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