How to perform a recovery of renal function and prevent re-infestation .

kidneys are powerful filters that remove blood from germs, toxins and infections.The liver breaks down harmful substances, but the kidneys eliminate them from the body by filtering the blood.kidney disease are exposed to nearly 4% of the population all over the world, so the restoration of renal function is an important process.Most women defeat overtake because of the physiological structure of the body.But men kidney disease occur more complex and difficult to treat.

kidney disease - a large group of diseases in their clinical, morphological characteristics.

Why is damage to the kidneys

The main causes of kidney disease include the following:

  1. process of inflammation in the urinary system.The infection is able to fall into the urinary system on the uplink path, ie in diseases transmitted through sexual contact, or on transport routes, ie through the lymph and blood in the presence there of infectious foci.
  2. Stagnation in the urogenital tract promotes inflammation processes, which favorably affect
    the creation of an environment for the formation of kidney stones.
  3. Malnutrition, provoking thinning of the renal cells.Thus the kidneys are heavy loads which relate to permanent poisoning organism, in this connection, the organization need kidney power supply of their cells.
  4. The strongest kidney load test with a deficit of water in the body or the poor quality of edible products.

What is the mechanism of recovery of renal

Inflammatory processes in the urinary system organs require a long course of antibiotic treatment organization, so the question remains topical search tools that can replace antibiotics.The most safe and effective drugs in medicine have been recognized by Max Silver and bark of the tree ant.

Phytomedication allow to achieve a slight diuretic effect, in order to ensure drainage of the kidneys.This effect is useful in the development of any kidney disease.

This is important!

In eastern countries Artichoke drug recognized slight diuretic drug that bears no danger to the human body.Use it on one capsule three times a day, you can also dissolve the artichoke in a glass of water and drink instead of tea.

herbal number 6 is a soft tool, reduces inflammation, producing a diuretic effect and outputting the salt from the body.Applied on one tablet twice per day - is dissolved in a glass of warm water.

Lucerne is a unique plant that contains a variety of vitamins, trace elements and minerals.This drug is a mild diuretic, providing anti-inflammatory effect and facilitating the excretion of uric acid salts, lower blood cholesterol.Applicable one tablet three times per day in the process of eating.

To normalize the kidney is required to maintain the body's fluid balance and acceptable to give preference to drink purified water without impurities.

This is important!

Efficiency renal recovery process increases if you start to wash down medicines biologically active water, which consists of active minerals.Such water is characterized by improved biological properties which fully meet the needs of the cells in the human body.Water has an ordered atomic structure, rich in minerals and very tasty.

Recommendations for the prevention of renal damage

  1. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition.
  2. prevention of catarrhal pathologies that helps to maintain the normal operation of the immune system.
  3. exception of diet products, which in large quantities contain oxalic acid.
  4. Malnutrition contributes to the disruption of the functioning of the kidneys.
  5. Harms kidneys and dramatic weight loss, a person exhausts itself hunger strikes and the different diets.
  6. Regular intake of infusions for renal or decoctions of various herbs.
  7. Prevention strong supercooling, it is recommended to always keep in the warmth of the lower back.
  8. Consumption of large quantities of liquid, at least one and a half liters per day.In summer, you want to drink enough to never feel thirsty.
  9. kidneys do not respond well to the abuse of alcoholic beverages, including beer and cocktails.
  10. kidneys can not tolerate eating meat in large quantities.Meat protein does not accumulate in the body as opposed to fat.Therefore, excess protein and its degradation products are removed from the body using the kidneys and this significantly increases the load on them.If the kidneys can not cope with the load, in which stones are formed.
  11. Abuse sweet food or salty food contributes to a violation of water-salt balance in the body.You should also pay attention, that the complete rejection of salt intake can cause kidney failure.Salt is allowed to be consumed in reasonable quantities.
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