Hair mask of clay : blue, white , green , reviews

Hair masks with clay referred to as a home spa treatments, which are available literally everyone.In addition, the clay - a natural remedy, which is not averse to use professional beauticians.Mask of clay hair can get rid of many major hair problems: loss, stunting, excessive dryness or oiliness, dandruff.The main thing - is to choose the right clay.The color of it is divided into several groups, each of which will now be discussed in detail.

properties green clay

begin the analysis with a green clay, which is considered the most useful and effective as compared to other, that is, is in great demand.Its essence lies in the properties of the cleansing of the scalp and hair from excessive fat, dandruff.Also, it acts as a protection against further damage, so it is suitable for healthy hair.In addition to getting rid of women from these significant problems, the green clay can be used to dull hair, previously lost a bright color or shine, the mask will cope with the task of returning the former con


green clay mineral composition: magnesium, zinc, silver and calcium.These substances help to normalize metabolism, and thus strengthen the hair.

Properties blue clay

If you want to grow long, silky and healthy hair, you need to know that the properties of blue clay punctuated just this.Constant its use dramatically reduces the chances of hair loss and tips section.Also, a couple of weeks you will notice that your hair style has become more bulk and thick.We can say that the constant use of blue clay will allow you to grow hair at 10-15 cm in a few months. At the same time they become stronger, silky and healthy.

Use blue clay is best with any additional components, for example, with an egg.Blue clay and eggs, more precisely, their yolk, not only greatly accelerate the growth of hair, but also perfectly helps greatly damaged hair, especially due to chemical exposure.

properties of white clay

useful properties of white clay is not too much, it is mostly accentuated on giving the hair volume and elasticity.If you use it with any oils, it is possible to get more healthy and shiny hair, get rid of excess fat.The main thing - do not overdo it with the oils.

Video tutorials will help you to properly use white clay for the mask.


In this article you will learn about the views of girls clay masks, read their reviews.

Eugene: "I'm not complaining about the state of their hair, in comparison with other people's problems, I have everything very well.But this is only because the white clay relieves my curls from fat and gives them shine. "

Anastasia: "When I have virtually stopped the growth of hair, I began to use blue clay, at first just like that, and then mixed with additional ingredients such as egg, mustard, oils, plant juices.As a result, I was able to restore normal hair growth, than I am very happy. "

Anna: "One time use pink clay, were too thin and weak hair, fell in front of.Then, as recovered, he began to use blue clay, then green.Now, my hair again industry, became soft and strong ยป

Elena:" Has tried all sorts of different hair masks, but most effective were the clay, at least for me, with the help of which I already half a year "to grow" for a new hair.I was advised to mix with oils, yet the effect is not noticeable, but not become worse. "

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