Hair mask with vitamins in capsules at home : from loss , recipes , reviews

not always weak and dry hair help natural homemade mask, sometimes it turns out that from the frequent use of funds generated by allergies or are no longer active.What do you do if the correct position as it would be desirable, and it is necessary ?!Firstly, do not be discouraged, in addition to home remedies there are still many other options, for example, purchased professional mask or vitamins in capsules, with which you can also mix a new mask useful.

In particular, the hair mask with vitamins in capsules at home can really help to get out of even the most distress, and now you know how.

Before you start to explore the next section, to determine exactly what problem you pulled hard, otherwise you just get stuck in all the great variety of different vitamins, and may choose absolutely not an option, what you really need.

Vitamins for hair growth

problem with hair growth occurs by malnutrition or undernourishment.In the first case, the lack of growth accompanied by increased greasiness of cu

rls, their sharp straightening, volume loss.

group Vitamins C together with vitamins or group B alone, great influence on blood flow to the head code and thus stimulate hair growth.Next to the vitamin C is always fresh and healthy hair from his frequent use of a single, you will notice an increase brightness of hair, having a healthy shine.Also, hair growth, but more active, it is recommended to add a solution of burdock or camphor oil, too, can be taken, and aloe juice, but this option is more suitable for healthy and strong hair.Weak is better not to take risks, otherwise mask hair loss becomes a mask for hair loss.

Now, master classes will tell you how to do hair mask with vitamin C.

vitamins for shine and brightness curls

If you want the hair to become more vibrant and healthy, use vitamins AVitamins E and the first group will ensure your hair a healthy shine and color, and the second - the flow of blood to the head, normalized blood circulation, increase the brightness and freshness of the hair, will remove the shine.

This vitamin hair mask in ampoules, can be used as healthy or cured hair and on until that patients are at the stage of treatment.But first, of course, it is best to treat your hair, and then take care of the beauty.Next, you provided some video tutorials on drawing masks with vitamins A and E.

benefits of B vitamins

B vitamins, particularly B1, B6 and B12 help to find hair smooth and silky,make them more pliable for combing and styling.However, do not use these vitamins to the hair, are at the stage of treatment, it is best to use them as a secondary cosmetic.

Masks with nicotinic acid

For strong and sturdy, that is already restored hair mask will help with nicotinic acid, which dilates blood vessels, thus providing blood flow to the follicles.Unlike vitamin A and E, nicotinic acid, it is a powerful tool for hair growth.Note that if you are suffering from hair loss, the B vitamins will not help, use the means described a little higher.


In this section you will find reviews and other girls opinions about vitamins for hair in ampoules.

Olga: "In winter, excellent B vitamins help out for several years in winter and cold in autumn is their use.I advise you to first take a small dose, to become accustomed to the hair vitamins, and then increase the pressure as possible. "

Alexander: "My hair are enough strong and resilient, but I need to give them vitamins brightness.In hot weather, it does look like hay, in a sense, does not shine at all.In general, I'm only in the summer and spring use vitamins, and the rest of the hair themselves do a good job. "

Elena: "I think you can not use complex vitamins, today one, tomorrow another.That would be too much utility, so now I buy vitamin A and use it with the juice of aloe.My hair perfectly helps ยป

Eugene:" I do not use vitamins in capsules just like that, always blend them as an additional component to the egg and pepper weak masks. "

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