Hair mask of black and rye bread from loss , growth , reviews

Many home masks recipes were invented in our time.Basically, they all contain natural products and a variety of oils, in fact still have long known that we never found so many useful substances in the products that we often eaten.This egg and, more precisely, the egg yolk and salt, mustard and even potatoes!

But what kind of a product still used more often?True, this ingredient - bread.Bread hair mask is considered to be the easiest and quite effective.In this article you will find out what hair mask made of bread - rye or black - so good and why it's worth a try.

Firstly, bread masks are useful in that in the bread contains a great variety of vitamins B and E, as well as various minerals, which are often so essential to early hair graying.Regular mask eliminates the gray hair problem.

Secondly, in conjunction with elements such as mustard, honey, salt, oil and a variety of juices, you will get the most pleasant and unexpected effect.So, it stimulates hair growth, improves their thickness and vo

lume, cases of hair loss are reduced considerably.

Mask of rye or black bread, egg yolks and lemon juice

Mask of rye bread with added lemon juice and egg yolk perfectly stimulates hair growth, but also gives them a nice healthy glow and normal color, especially, it is important for blondes who oftensuffering from yellowing hair.Like many other homemade mask of this type, this will save you from falling curls at an early age.

To knead a multi-mask at home, to the pulp rye bread, add two tablespoons of lemon juice, one egg yolk and, preferably, a tablespoon of olive oil.All ingredients should be mixed thoroughly until smooth, then you can start applying to wet hair is not clean.Smear the mixture evenly, regardless of your trouble spots on the scalp.After the procedure, to warm your head with cling film or a special cap and towel.So go through 30-40 minutes, no more.Then, simply rinse the head clean with warm water, you can use the balm-conditioner.

mask of black bread and beer

Quite unexpectedly use masks with bread and beer, instead of the usual filtered water ?!But in fact, by doing so, you get a very unexpected effect.More specifically, this mask is useful for the growth of hair, giving them the brightness and contrast, as well as healthy not greasy.These are the main issues that affect many girls and women.Now that you know how to solve them!Of course, it should be noted immediately that in addition to the dark unfiltered beer, you will need to activate the egg yolk useful substances in the other components.

Thus, the pulp of black can and rye bread mix with a small amount of dark beer and nothing more touching, leave for 1.5-2 hours.After that, mix well and knead the mass, add to it egg yolk and mix again until smooth liquid.At this point you can add a pinch of dry mustard, so the effect of hair growth will occur much faster.

Thoroughly rub the mask is in the roots of the hair and leave for 20-25 minutes so, we should not wait any longer, as the beer or mustard can cause itching and irritation of the scalp, if you feel that any of this before, then immediately rinse withwith hair!After this time, wash the mixture, using a balm-conditioner.

Comments and opinions

In this part you will be provided for the consideration of some of the reviews and opinions of other girls on bread masks.

Maria: "Do not accept beer mask, from my hair then carries already fermented beer, do not know how the others.I then shame on the people to come out.More I like to add natural oils, aloe or olive oil, and all advise!This is the safest option in my opinion. "

Elena: "But I've brewer mask very helpful, I use a good conditioner, so I did not even smell of feeling itself.Best of all, stock of spare resources, such as shampoo and balm, so just fire »

Alexander:" is added to the bread pulp normal mustard and egg yolk, one might say, to grow my hair out by this method, it is, by the way, effectively, though,? what else to expect from the mustard »

Anastasia:" I use bread masks alternately, first with black bread, then with rye.For my hair the effect is noticeable longer, by the way, from rye bread.I do not think that it depends on the color, but he became visibly brighter and shiny tresses.! Zagljadenie »

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