The mask of sour cream for hair : recipes , reviews of sour cream mixture

a long time ago, long before the first make-up and cosmetics, the girls began to experience a variety of problems with the hair and scalp.Someone was discoloration and loss of brightness curls, someone dropped the whole strand, and someone just suffering from too short hair.The problems were many, and the decision not long in coming, the girls began to use food aid as a means of personal hygiene.

At first it was different infusions of herbs, then honey and yogurt.Thus, almost all the products covered female problem with the hair.One of the most effective and lёgkodostupnyh mask was a mask of sour cream, suitable for all hair types, and extract cream had no great difficulty.

Natural sour cream, rich in proteins, fats, mineral salts, organic acids and vitamins A, B, C, E, P. As is known masks with similar composition are perfect for dry hair, long to be exposed to direct sunlight.

sour cream can be used as a separate component for the mask and along with other useful ingredients such as egg yolks,

potatoes, vegetable oil or burdock.Indeed, oil that you can use, are not limited to, add, and aloe, and camphor oil, and olive oil.

Mask with sour cream and egg yolk

mask of sour cream and eggs have long been used in many countries, and was at one time quite effective, useful and accessible.Of all the eggs for masks used only the yolk, because that's what it contains many useful components needed hair, and their proteins as such or not.

Use two tablespoons of sour cream and two chicken eggs, carefully stir the ingredients until a homogeneous liquid.Apply on the hair, paying special attention to the roots, also, the composition must be distributed evenly.Put on your head plastic cap and leave on for half an hour after, rinse with warm water.The procedure should be repeated 1-2 times a week, a month or the result will already be clearly seen.

mask with burdock

As mentioned, oil - a component that is suitable for any mask, be it pepper cream or the same, so they too should be considered separately.The most accessible and useful are oil aloe and burdock.Sour cream hair mask stands in the top of the list of masks, which can be added oil.You can just pour in

few spoonfuls of sour cream infusion, and can make a multi-mask, that is, to use a few ingredients.The most optimal and harmonious with sour cream are honey, burdock oil or aloe juice, egg yolk and potato juice.

Your task is to mix all the ingredients in the right proportions.Thus, the cream should still be the most, to the mixture is not transformed into a liquid, and remained thick.Oils add a teaspoon is usually enough for one serving 3-4.If you want to add egg yolk, use no more than one egg, if your hair is very short, take quail eggs, not to do too much, because then leave the mixture to be no longer possible, it will deteriorate and lose their properties.

In the above proportions, mix until smooth liquid preparations and apply on hair.Cover the head of a special cap or plastic wrap, let it sit for half an hour.After this time, rinse with warm water and balm-conditioner.Follow the procedure about once a week, it stimulates hair growth, significantly improved their volume, structure and healthy glow will appear.In addition, such masks are recommended for greasy hair.


In this part of the article you are provided some of the reviews and opinions of the other girls on the sour cream masks.

Alexander: "I make a multi-layer mask of sour cream, add burdock and olive oil, plus a yolk and a pinch of salt.My curls makes perfect, I am very happy with the result and I advise everyone to try this mixture »

Anastasia:" Not very impressed with sour cream mask, the result is I have noticed only after a month of use.Yes, hair is a little three-dimensional, and yes, their colors become more saturated, but not enough to spend a whole month »

Eugene:" I am alternating masks, first with salt, then with sour cream, and the third - with pepper!.Break do.however, about ten days, so as not to get caught.Will not someone advise it, I understand that for some types of hair left side will come out. "

Valentine: "I already have this age, when the hair becomes weak, fat, are beginning to fall out.I use sour cream mask with the addition of oil.I have great tools such help. "

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