Mask with salt for hair growth : with honey , brandy , olive oil , photo + video

After a day relaxing in the hot scorching sun, many women notice that their hair texture is somehow changed.Some of them refer to the brittleness, discoloration on the other, but almost all complaints are due to loss quickened curls when combing or during sleep.Not one girl does not like to see to comb their own hair, so this article aims to explore ways to create a hair mask with salt, salt for hair growth mask fits perfectly, and now you know why.

Useful properties of hydrochloric

masks Masks with salt great help not only for loss or slow hair growth, but also in the sense of itching and irritation of the scalp.It acts as a scrub, and thus a positive effect on the hair structure.

Frequent use of the salt masks will lead to a noticeable improvement in hair volume - a few months you will notice abundant growth curls, reducing dandruff.

mask with sea salt

Mask for hair with sea salt and oil is best suitable for weak hair, as the oil to soften the effect and give curls extra strength and elast

icity.It is best to salt masks do with olive oil, but also perfect burdock or camphor oil, you can still use an infusion of aloe juice.The main part of the mask to still be salt.Particles of it should not be large, from this can only damage the scalp, and the use of such a mixture is not very convenient.

Mix sea salt and butter and stir well.Apply recommended a few minutes before washing the head, with a lightly damp hair.Dilute mixture with warm water, because it is impossible to apply the cold!Start applying from the roots, then go down to the ends, carefully rub infusion of about 5-10 minutes.After the massage you can wash off the salt with the normal hair with warm water.

Attention!If during the massage you feel strange sensations - itching, tingling, pain of a different kind on the scalp - the procedure should be stopped immediately.

Hair mask with salt, honey and brandy

itself is a mixture of brandy and honey has a high nutritional value, it stimulates hair growth, increasing blood circulation in the scalp area.In addition to the reasons for which the masks are important for hair growth, mix of cognac and honey it is recommended to put in a strong hair loss or a failed color when the locks are damaged by chemical exposure.

Honey contains many beneficial vitamins that are good for ingestion and for applying them to the skin, particularly the scalp.Cognac, in turn, acts as a warming agent, it stimulates the circulation.Salt itself actively supports and improves the condition of hair.

be prepared and used a mask with salt and honey brandy is very easy, simply mix all ingredients (first salt, then brandy and honey) so that honey was more than salt and brandy.It recommends applied to the hair before them by hook or rub thoroughly for 10-15 minutes, just like any other hair mask with salt.Note that brandy in large quantities would be quite harmful to the hair, so be careful with it!


In this part of the article you will be provided with feedback of those who use masks with salt.

Eugene: "At first I used a large salt, but after the first time realized that the big mistake, just scratched his head himself.The next time you have taken fine salt, about three weeks later, I noticed that my hair was a little thicker, and the barber said, that started to grow new hairs. "

Alexander: "Use a mask with sea salt, two days later, new hair started to grow only in two weeks, but the old condition improved after a week, which I am very pleased.I advise everyone to salt masks »

Olga:" I tried not only to salt masks, so I have something to compare.I can say that for the growth of hair is better to be sure to add the egg yolk, but from the loss of salt from me in the first place »

Oksana:" smart enough to mix salt with egg and burdock oil, and the effect is somehow not changed ifjudging by the reviews.Status of old hair has improved in about a week and a half, and the new began to rise at the end of a month of use.But in general, I am satisfied with this mask. "

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