How useful bath - indications and contraindications

bath - a wonderful place where great pleasure to walk a lot of people - family or friendly company, just a weekend or celebrate a solemn event.How useful bath so that this procedure is very popular since ancient times to the present day?In fact, the dignity of a real Russian bath can not be overestimated.Taking a bath or shower will never give the same feeling of lightness, purity and renewal, as a visit to the steam room.Banya, certainly useful for both physical and mental health, it is a great place to pay attention to yourself and your body, improve your health and boost your mood.

order to the effect of the treatments was the highest, it is necessary to attend a bath about once a week.For reasons of hygiene should be taken with a rubber slippers or slates, bath mat on the bench and a personal basin.In order not to spoil the hair and do not overheat the head, do not be amiss to purchase a special cap.

Note! Before you go into the steam room, it is worth little to stand under a warm shower or si
t in the dressing room to warm up the body.

all the beneficial properties Useful properties

baths lie in its impact on almost all organs and systems of the human body.It is great to recover and hardens the body, helps in improving immunity and thermoregulation.

The first step is to visit the sauna at the first sign of a cold.The main thing is a good sweat in the steam room - in a good steamed, hot bath killed most of pathogenic bacteria, and not only on the skin but also the internal organs.And if you splash on the hot stones eucalyptus, fir or birch infusion, the rising steam will help clear the throat and nose.

In splash stones can be a useful infusion
Note! Steam treatments, thanks to the effect of warming up, all are very helpful for the respiratory system, to which you should pay attention to smokers.

With proper use of bath facilitated and, in some cases, even cured of chronic respiratory diseases.In the steam room is required to use a broom - it pumps even more hot air, therapeutic substance evaporates from the leaves, and destroy pathogenic microorganisms, and essential oils improve metabolism.

addition, the bath is perfectly helps with rheumatism, radiculitis and other joint or muscle pain.Steam treatments are very useful to those involved in sports, hard work, experiencing high physical loads.Bath as a whole improves the protective and adaptive capabilities of the organism.It is useful to bathe sprains and dislocations, sauna helps the body to regenerate muscle tissue, dissolve the salt deposited in the joints and warms the aching bones.

is useful for muscular pain

Great room affects the heart and blood vessels, improves physical performance.When the alternation of high and low temperatures, strengthens the heart muscle that reduces the risk of myocardial attack.

Note! Cores before going to the bath it is imperative to consult a doctor.

Bath steam helps to improve blood circulation, because the capillaries and blood vessels begin to work better, saturating the body with oxygen and nutrients: eliminates blood stagnation and output excess cholesterol deposited on the walls of blood vessels.

Due to sweating, in the bath of the body are derived various toxins and waste, reduced edema due to unloading of the kidneys, and the effect lasts for up to six hours after a visit to the steam room.But be careful - to avoid violation of the salt balance, should not be sweating after intensive loads associated with sweating.

contrast perfusion bath have a positive effect on the digestive system and intestines, as well as promote weight loss.

contrast perfusion

good bath and mental health.Many came out of steam, feel refreshed and relaxed as if born anew.This is due to the fact that while in the bath protoplennoy diminishes the blood flow in the brain, leading to reduced activity of the emotional and mental relaxation organism.Disappears headache and excessive nervousness, leaving unpleasant thoughts, mood improves.It is therefore good to visit the sauna at the weekend - it perfectly eliminates the stress accumulated during the working week.Very useful during the sauna on hot stones succumb infusion of valerian, mint or motherwort - they perfectly relieve nervous tension and promote restful sleep.However, in the case of improper conduct procedures, for example, when too prolonged presence in over protoplennoy bath, well-being, on the contrary, may deteriorate - there feelings of anxiety, fear, fatigue, sleep and spoil your appetite will decrease.

In the struggle for beauty

Helps clear skin

And, of course, Bath is very useful for the skin.Cosmetics and polluted air is very bad impact on her condition.At home, the skin is cleaned only superficially.However, in the sauna pores open, helping to cleanse the skin of toxins, long-standing dirt and harmful substances.Rush of blood to the skin's surface helps her to recover, in addition, improves the function of the hair follicle, the hair on his head grow better.Bath fever kills pathogenic bacteria in the body.In addition, very good walk through the steamed skin broom, eg birch or oak.This will help improve the condition of inflamed skin, and with regular use even get rid of sweating.In addition, when using the broom happens massage the skin and essential oils, which at this time are extracted from the leaves, improve metabolism, nourishes the skin with nutrients, regenerate and decontaminate it.With a broom and hot steam is removed the dead skin layer, it begins to breathe and rejuvenate from the inside, it becomes elastic and flexible, regardless of skin type.For example, oily skin is dried a little, and dry, on the contrary, it is getting the right nutrition and hydration.

Thanks to a kind of "training" of the skin, fine bath helps fight the appearance of wrinkles and regulates sebum production.To strengthen the blood vessels after steam oblitsya well with cool water.It will also have a positive effect on the scalp.Most importantly, be sure to obmytsya after visiting a steam room, otherwise all the harmful substances penetrate back into the skin.In general, until the skin to steam - it is well prepared for various cosmetic procedures, which is very important for a woman.You can buy special gloves bath, massage brushes and grater for heels, apply a variety of scrubs and masks both purchased and homemade.By the way, the pair perfectly triggered antitselyullitnye wraps and cream.Hair, and body, you can rinse with water, remaining from the steaming broom for the best effect.

Ideal for beauty treatments
Note! Thanks to improve metabolism, the conclusion of excess fluid from the body and a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, bath treatments help to lose weight and the correct figure.

general, visit the sauna is useful for the female urogenital system - a bath better health after miscarriage and abortion in violation of the uterus and ovarian and other gynecological diseases.However, there are contraindications - for example, after a recent surgery, childbirth or in acute inflammatory processes.Before visiting the baths need to be sure to consult with your doctor.Bath is very good relieves during menopause, removing related physical and mental disorders.

also useful bath for young girls, because in regular attendance baths ligaments become more elastic, which will help in childbirth, and we have already given birth improves lactation and remove tension.For pregnant bath is useful in that it reduces swelling and improves blood circulation.

course, sauna and useful for men.In addition to removing the stress and relieve pain in muscles and joints after strenuous exercise, bathing procedures well help to harden and strengthen the male body.Bath also has a positive effect on male potency, cures diseases of the genitourinary system and struggling with premature ejaculation.Most importantly, do not overdo it, because high temperatures have a negative impact on male fertility.

In any case, before a visit to the bath is recommended to see a list of contraindications and consult a doctor.